Invigorated and Open Heart
In this short meditation, we are invited to spread our arms out to the sides as we inhale and bring them back in towards our center with our elbows together as we exhale. This breath doesn’t just increase our energy levels, this breath also opens our heart to receive. Getting in an upright position with my spine long and tall, I settled into this moment by bringing awareness to my breath. To begin this mindful movement exercise, I spread my arms out as I breathed in, stretching out my chest as my head tilted towards the sky. On my exhale, I brought my arms inward, my chest collapsed, elbows touching with my head bowed. Inhale, I am open to receive. Exhale, I am bringing the invigorating energy from the universe towards my center. After a few rounds of this beautiful mindful movement, I am ready to move about my day with an invigorated and open heart. Thank you! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️