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Put Yourself First!!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
Putting yourself isn`t selfish it`s necessary. The love that you are seeking is self-love and when you neglect yourself you will always attract others to do the same.
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Love Yourself 1st
Love yourself first always before considering someone else to love you.
Putting myself first is important!
I love that if I don’t love myself and grieving mean that no one else is going to. I ruined it has good a lot of work to do on me because I did a widow 25 in his ear navigating because I and then we can do and I have been done and my fault because I need to be enough for myself really truly be enough for myself and thank you you are wonderful Becki Williams!
Every day
I need to listen to this every day until it sinks into my mind and heart and soul.
Put Myself First
It took me a long time to love myself first. It's a glorious feeling! 😁
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