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Puppy Meditation

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
You don't need to have a puppy on hand for this one, it's more a question of treating your racing mind like a wayward puppy. We bring it back with a patient smile and train it to walk, to heel.
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11 reflections
I need to be more patient with myself . I am way to hard on myself
Puppy meditation
I actually found myself just thinking about my dog when she was a puppy. Not exactly a good meditation, but it still brought a smile and lots of good memories. Definitely feel in a good mood.
B E G I N 💪🏼
Puppy meditation 🧘🏼‍♀️
This is a great analogy 👌🏼 Perfect way to start my day with clarity 🐶
It takes practice
Thank you. I needed this. My mind needed this. And it’s kind of ironic that my unruly mind suggested that we take a break from the crazy world and do some meditation. We chanced upon this. It’s simple, but it made me smile. Mind is now happy. I feel happy. Problems won’t magically disappear, but how you perceive it and how you react to it could actually change... for the better. Meditation, it just takes practice. Namaste
Puppy Love
I loved this meditation! What a wonderful analogy! I remember training my puppy, Rocky, and the patience and compassion I had for him. That was many years ago and he’s no longer with us, but his memory lives on and I can apply that patience and compassion towards myself. Thank you!
I was frustrated and attempting to cancel my Spotify membership but I couldn’t log in but I’m feeling but better and when I opened my eyes after I was greeted with an amazing view of mount Shasta. ☺️
Puppy Meditation
Be gentle with yourself. Meditation is a practice. You must not be harsh with your training. Just be kind and keep working
Thanks Jiva as ever. Training is important. We need to learn.
I feel like I should keep this in mind, train myself to get back to reality when my mind runs off to wanders, that might be neutral or bad, and just come back to a mindful present.
Thoughts as a puppy
Thoughts as a puppy, whenever they got astray, smile and call them back. Come on now. Training a puppy is difficult.
A Trading a mind like a puppy
I learned to be kind to my mind and not beat myself up when it wanders. I also learned practical advice for ways to kindly react to my mind when did wonders away. Yeah Madrid of a puppy really helped to shape my perspective I’m wondering mind. Rather than creating my wandering mind is something that is preventable and worth condemning preventable and working them in it is important to real life this important to realize it is important to realize that the mind was designed to wander and as such will do so anyway whether you want it to or not in a similar way being off being bald. The emperor of where a puppy p.m. ball but in bath the tendency for a puppy to wander off beyond human control once we recognize this fact it’s important to be kind to our mind when we focusing now it’s important to be kind to our minds when refocusing them after all you would need a little puppy you wouldn’t yell at a puppy. I mean entirely personal note I love dogs so this imagery was very relatable to me I think the folks at the aura for putting this together. Have a great day everyone. .
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