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Psalm 91 - Prayer on God's Protection

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Cassidy Sun
Storyteller and Narrator
Psalm 91 is always great to remind us of God's protection over our lives and helps us better trust Him. May this prayer bring you peace and rest.
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Psalm 91
I was reminded that The Lord never leaves or forsakes us. He is the ONLY ONE who NEVER LEAVES US. This I know, for the BIBLE and His LOVE TELLS ME SO...
I know in my heart of
Psalms 91 as a powerful powerful verse of the Bible was very middle of the Bible it’s the most intense person that I’ve come across and I say it with power and gives me protection from all things and God
God’s Protection
Thank you so much for narrating this prayer. It was very personal to me. I love to pray and reading the Bible. I love Psalms, so it was very heartwarming to listen to and be reminded that God’s protection is always taking place.