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Psalm 34 - God Answers Prayers

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Cassidy Sun
Christian Life & Narrator
May Psalm 34 serve as a reminder that God pays attention when you call on Him. God listens and answers our prayers, even when it seems like he doesn't. May this bless you all.
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5 reflections
Looking for Answers
I read the Bible every day. I work on 4 devotional as well. I am going through a slow loss right now that has saddened my heart tremendously. I pray and need that guidance to allow myself to know where God is. Thank you so much for allowing me to listen.
A Different Day
I just listened to this prayer for the 2nd time, not realizing I had already heard it. As I was listening I remembered the prayer and it was then I realized that I needed to hear it again. It uplifted my day a little and gave me a more positive outlook on Gods work and the day before me. Thank you again for sharing this prayer for those who need to want/need to listen.
God is with me
I read the Bible everyday, but different scriptures each day. I’ve read Psalm but it sounds so much better with someone else speaking it. It was something I needed to hear today. It’s been a rough month and I keep going to God for patience, guidance, answers and just heavenly love. Thank you for sharing this verse. I enjoyed it immensely.
Gods Protection
For some reason I keep coming back to this prayer not even realizing it. I needed to hear the message as I lost a very special part of my life 2 days ago. I’m in deep turmoil and have been doing the bargain part of death. I have pleaded and begged, but I didn’t thank enough. I’m here but am so heartbroken. Any thought makes me cry and I am still in a bit of shock. As I said before, I needed to hear Gods words and believe in Him. Thank you again, for having this prayer still available.
God Answers Prayers
This is such a good reminder of how God cares for us. I put it on my playlist bc sometimes when we feel so alone listening to this reminds us that we aren’t
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