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Protection From Fear: Deep Sleep Mantra

30 Min
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Jennifer Louise
Meditation and Wellness Professional
Mantras are chants, words, sounds, or tones that help to bring us to concentration, relaxation & Meditation. Drawing the mind away from all its jumping, wandering & object fascination, into single-pointed focus. All Mantras are charged with positive intention, received & transmitted with Love & good intention. For this reason it is not necessary to understand what the mantra means, or to intellectualize the context, simply listening to or repeating along helps bring deep Inner Peace, for sleep or daily life. Gayatri Mantras act like a shield surrounding you, protecting you from fear or danger. This Rudra Gayatri says: I meditate on the Supreme Being of Lord Maha Deva. Let Lord Rudra illumine my intellect and show a clear path to proceed.