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Promoting Internal & External Gratitude

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Dr. Ryan C. Warner
Clinical Psychologist and Wellness Coach
Practicing gratitude must be intentional and deliberate. Gratitude should also not only be expressed towards others, but also towards yourself. Take a listen to this brief meditation to engage in this practice with me.
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Segway out to in
We need both: nurturing gratitude with contemplation then acknowledgement to others as well as to ourselves. Namaste
Loving kindness
I reflected on the wonderful things Ryan has done for me . Encouraged me to reach for ophthalmology, provided me with my beautiful children, worked hard to help provide for our family.
Nothing new came to mind, so I went with grit as a positive attribute .
Grit might not be a positive attribute, maybe in some cases it’s resistance to change. Maybe it’s blocking “letting go.” Maybe it is keeping me tired and on guard when there is no threat.
Self Attributes
I am so glad that I listened to this meditation. It was very informative, passive and motivating. It’s not morning where I live but it’s well worth it to listen to it at any time. Thank you so much!
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