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Process Anger Cleanly

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Process your anger cleanly with 6 simple steps that I will walk you through while you relax in a lite meditative state. You can re-listen to this meditation anytime you are feeling angry and want to move beyond it cleanly.
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I Forgive the Cinema Department Chair
...who was unhelpful, treated me like a waste of his time and a community relations box to check off. Jerk. (Just kidding. Good meditation.) What I know now is nobody cares. But *why should they?* That puts “independent” in independent filmmaking.
Michael Gonzalez
A slight lift
I felt that with so much sacrifice I have to do and give to others. Those that don't want to understand me, take advantage of me. This session made me feel I can slowly talk to myself to share my anger, sadness and negative emotions. I hope to recover and forgive those that don't understand me, even if I don't mean it.
I learned
I learned that I can only control what I do and feel, not what others do and feel. I learned that my anger and hurt is valid and is allowed and is present. I learned that I will have to set boundaries and stick to them and not worry about the other persons feelings as a result of pushing passed those boundaries.