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Process Anger Cleanly

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Process your anger cleanly with 6 simple steps that I will walk you through while you relax in a lite meditative state. You can re-listen to this meditation anytime you are feeling angry and want to move beyond it cleanly.
From the community
8 reflections
I Forgive the Cinema Department Chair
...who was unhelpful, treated me like a waste of his time and a community relations box to check off. Jerk. (Just kidding. Good meditation.) What I know now is nobody cares. But *why should they?* That puts “independent” in independent filmmaking.
Michael Gonzalez
A slight lift
I felt that with so much sacrifice I have to do and give to others. Those that don't want to understand me, take advantage of me. This session made me feel I can slowly talk to myself to share my anger, sadness and negative emotions. I hope to recover and forgive those that don't understand me, even if I don't mean it.
I learned
I learned that I can only control what I do and feel, not what others do and feel. I learned that my anger and hurt is valid and is allowed and is present. I learned that I will have to set boundaries and stick to them and not worry about the other persons feelings as a result of pushing passed those boundaries.
I learned that this is not a useful meditation for me
It is easy for me to call up the feelings. It is not so easy for me to let them go. This meditation left me much more agitated then when I began. But I can do one of the meditations that DO help me release anger, and it will be fine. It is ok to try things. It is ok when those things are not a good fit.
This meditation felt like a lift from my shoulders. Thank you
Process Anger Cleanly
Wow, it was great to follow these steps and be aware of my feelings. I realized that I usually overreact with my kids and that it's ok not to be a perfect mum. Thank you 💝
Donna Bella
I felt a ton of emotion at each step. I used this meditation to relate to my parents. Emotional!
I learned how to feel and breathe through my emotions today. Difficult!
Letting go
I learned that I still have a way to go. My emotions are still heightened when I think Of the anger I hold inside, still. I still need to work on the pain and anger.