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Present Moment Awareness

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Be here now. What does it mean? Press play and find out. Pull your energy back to you and get present with what is in front of you. Enjoy this short practice.
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The Ball
This is a good practice for me. I often lose focus in the evening meditation but the ball was useful in keeping my busy nighttime brain focused on the present and helped me to relax. Thanks and welcome.😊
Present moment awareness
I find meditations that require deep breaths are more difficult for me on days like this when just regular breathing isn’t easy. It was great when the instruction changed to breathing at your own rate. I’ll look for this one again.
Good visual breathing technique 🌬
After having a very busy morning with lots of obligations to attend to it was time for me to let it all go and find that calmness in need before heading off to work. I really enjoyed the breathing technique visualizing the ball of light moving up and down my spine from head to tail bone. I need all the guided breathing bc in my haste to get everything done my breathing was just so shallow. Thanks for the boost 🙏
Love this channel
I’ve been having problems at home and it’s been difficult for me to concentrate on my meditations as much as I used to but I can always rely on this channel for help even when things are really hard for me. Grateful to have found this. Namaste 💓
Energized and Centered
In this guided meditation you visualize a ball of light traveling from behind your navel all the way up to your spine to the top of your head. I could feel this ball of light nourishing my body and filling me with positive energy. This meditation is a great way to start the day. Or even if you just need a little pick me up during the day to bring you back to the present moment. Wishing all of you a great day!
Walter J
Bradley got me tuned up and the I felt/saw the white light at the base of my spine. It grew larger as it moved up my spine to my crown. Somewhere it turned into a glowing globe/white Energy ball as it rolled down my vertebrae toward my lower back. Coming up again, it washed it’s way thru my body & spine cleaning out any leftover negative bits n pieces stuck or hiding in me. Resting at my crown for a moment it felt like a halo shining it’s cleansing light down and thru my body making sure I was purified and ready to go again. Quite invigorating but calming at the same time. Very interesting session - Thnx Bradley! ❤️⚪️🍀
Shining Light
Happy New Now! Bradley did it again! I welcomed myself to my body and I began to focus my attention on my breathing. After a few deep breaths, I began to visualize a ball of light right behind my navel. With each inhale, this ball traveled from the base of my spine up to the top of my top and while holding my breath, the ball would stay in place. With each exhale, this ball traveled back down the top of my head to the base of my spine. Each time I breathed, this ball of light began to shine brighter and brighter, up and down each vertebrae, replenishing my whole body with energy. Holding my breath as this shining ball of light was at the top of my head, my mind becoming cleansed of any negativity. Wow! What a feeling! After a time of practicing this awareness, I feel my entire being filled with this shining light! Thank you, Bradley! Namaste ☮️❤️🙏🏻😊
How to gently encourage thinking
I learned a better way to gently encourage and capture my thoughts towards better thinking. I understand I am a conscious creator of my experiences and that my thoughts directly impact the canvas of my reality.
Helps to focus on the inner energy..
This meditation is very useful... It creates sense of calmness and improves focus..
A shift occurred ...
Towards the end of the ball of light breathing I felt an expanse- just for a moment-that dissolved my mental boundaries and specific thoughts. I finally felt what i will label as consciousness, not thinking, truly just a sense of being. Very...calming and yet opened an alertness as well. I will practice this meditation frequently:)
I really liked this visualization. It was very calming
I could almost physically feel the light , it was very soothing and peaceful.
I was a present moment loved it nice voice loved light visualization
Yeah going to do more like this good thing to do in morning
Ball of light
It helped to visualize the ball of light moving with my breath. Kept me more focused.
Nasal breath
Breathing with my nose only is a better way to relax and connect
I felt confident cus what I love about myself is that sense of control and empowerment , I am 17 turning into an adult With big dreams Life goals , not sweet sixteen but the Fighter 17 , my dream grad
My dream grades are exaustes I need to tease stress hy working
Very useful technique to lift up the ball of light form belly to head.
I learnt that you can control your thoughts and focus through.breathwork
Elegant breathing technique
Very helpful imagery with the ball of light coordinating with each breath.