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Carianna Lynne
Performance Mindset Coach, Meditation
Taking a moment to pause and calm the nervous system can change your experience in an instant. Practice cultivating presence, moving beyond the intellect into sensing and feeling your body. Allow your thoughts to release their grip on the future and past.
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I was a bit anxious but less than yesterday and I made progress with my montage. I'm proud of myself! I need to restart working on my projects and objectives...
Being present in the current moment noticing that the present is here & now and all we truly have. Acknowledging how powerful our mind is when we utilize our senses to bring us back to the now. This reminds me to focus on and ask myself, what am I feeling or thinking in this current moment, and is it bringing me feelings of joy? If not, allow myself to gently release that thought or feeling and to refocus the mind to a thought or feeling I intentionally want to experience — that of joy. This meditation helps ground me in getting me back to the current moment.
What a nice meditation to do this evening. I'm very relaxed and calm. I've been outside today enjoying all that nature has to offer. I was swimming, enjoying great company, getting a tan, collecting fresh veggies from the garden, and now settling down for BBQ ribs for dinner. I feel so thankful in this moment for all my gifts from this wonderful universe we all share. Wishing everyone a wonderful evening. 😊❤️☮️
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