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Preparing the Body & Mind for Sleep

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
WIth the body and mind on the go all day it can be hard to just turn the switch off at the end of the night. This practise will help prepare the body and mind for sleep not in a striving-forcing way but with the mindful ways of curiosity, acceptance & non-judgment.
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Mind, Body & Intentions ...
Calm your mind and body for restful sleep by connecting the breath to the body and ending your practice with mindful intention to sleep well. Enjoyed this one, but now it is time to rest! Goodnight!💤😴
Had a very poor evening, leaving me angry and stressed out. This session invited me to explore the feelings in my arms and legs, which just made me recognize further the continuing degradation in my left arm and leg stemming from my massive stroke. So now, on top of feeling stressed out and angry, I'm sad about the condition of my body too!😡😥 Headed to another lousy unrestful night in bed! Maybe tomorrow Aura, maybe tomorrow.
in grief it helps
I had only recently lost my brother. As unexpectedly, I lost my uncle. Everything is surreal and we need prayer. Yet I see meditation remains a guiding force holding stability for me. Appreciated the meditation and encourage others to stay with it in times of deep loss.
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