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Preparing for Bedtime

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation guide
This guided meditation is designed to help the listener prepare for bedtime by reviewing the day and leaving it to the side. The body is invited to let go and relax, preparing for deep sleep.
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5 reflections
What a relief
I can zoom in on my exhale. I’m a beginner ....... that is a big deal
I felt so refreshed after this, and I realized that really, people never stop to think about what they did that day. I am going to try to do this more.
Bedtime Prep
As you prepare for bedtime, think back about the day you just completed. Pick out three things that happened throughout your day that made you feel grateful. Hold onto those wonderful thoughts. Put the rest of your thoughts about your day into an imaginary box and forget about them. Focus on your breath, especially your exhale. Know that with every exhale, you can let go of any thoughts or tension in your body. With each exhale, you begin to sink further and further into your bed. Let go and allow yourself to drift off into a restful sleep. 😴 Thank you, Cassandra! 🙏🏻
It helped reflect and unwind from the long day. All the worries and stresses are put away and I can hopefully sleep peacefully.
Stupid fan
My fan is stupid and I need a more interesting thing to focus on when sleeping. The calming music and focusing on breathing out helps clear my mind and calm me <3