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Practice Kindfulness

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Practicing kindness is a transformative mindfulness tool. When we bring an attitude of kindness into our lives our quality of life will be enhanced. Explore this with me today!
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This is something our school district is pushing out to all the schools right now, and I LIKE it! It is important, and certainly better than fixating on the ”new” buzzword of ”bullying” which is SO PREVALENT anymore. My wife and I have always believed in the practice of ”kindfulness”. It's just as easy to go the extra few feet as the extra mile when interacting in the world! And it's passing down naturally to our kids! We're the couple who not only always returns our shopping cart to the cart return outside the store, but often grab the few left in parking spaces along the way! YES, there are employees PAID to do this, but that doesn't mean they'll get to it before someone wants to park in the spot the cart was so rudely left in! Now? Our 11y/o delights in collecting carts and taking them to the cart return on each and every visit to the market! And people and employees are noticing! They notice and thank her! She LOVES it! Now, if I would only learn to treat myself more kindly! I am my own worst critic, and very often down on myself. I want to and SHOULD be doing more! Just back from grabbing a nice cup of Saturday morning coffee with my visiting mother, and we discussed much of this just now! I have a handful of important tasks to get on with, but am finding it difficult to get and stay motivated to do them! I don't seem to have the same impetus in my life that I did pre-stroke...I’ve lost an awful lot of confidence in myself and my abilities!😢
We are so much powerful , until and unless we realise how powerful we are.
Please treasure yourself!
These are the final words in the meditation “Practice Kindfulness”. I am grateful for Matthew’s reflection; it inspired me to try this one. This will be added to my daily list! I encourage each of you to listen to this, too. It’s only requires a few well spent minutes of your time. Is your inner critic at work again? Close your eyes, place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath or two. Imagine how easy it will be to extend Kindfulness to others if you first extend it to yourself. I can’t think of a better way to begin the new year than by treasuring ourselves enough to practice kindfulness with ourselves and the world around us.
I learned in this session that I focus all of my kindness on others. Like friends, family, even complete strangers that I have none left or myself. That I always feel forgotten or unloved.
Being kind
It is important to be kind to myself and others. I can practice kindness to others by being kind to myself.
Practice Kindness
Kindness is an attribute of Christ that I should be consciously aware of everyday to display from my inner self.
In this powerful Life Coaching session, Cindy teaches us how to practice kindfulness. She begins by quoting, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.” When we are kind, we heal our own hearts and souls. Thus, practicing kindfulness begins with ourselves. Once we have learned to treasure ourselves with kindness, we can expand it to other people. We can learn to subconsciously think before we speak. We can perform random little acts of kindness for others and in turn, begin to heal their hearts and souls. I learned that to practice kindfulness, I must first treasure myself with kindness. I need to be mindful of my words and interactions with others and subconsciously choose to be kind. By doing this, I will spread kindness to everyone I meet and quite possibly, open their hearts and souls to loving kindness thoughts. Perhaps by their hearts and souls being introduced to loving kindness thoughts, they too can begin to practice kindfulness towards others. After all, kindness is contagious! Have a beautiful day! 🙏🏻❤️😊
Practicing Kindfulness
This meditation reminded me that I must be kind to myself before I can sincerely practice kindness for others. Thank you for your gentle guidance 🙏🏻
Practice Kindfulness
I observe that being kind to others is sincerely and easily done when I remember kindness shown to me by others in the past. How can one learn to be kind when one never experienced receiving kindness? I have learned then to treat unpleasant, spiteful people with small , random acts of kindness. It is difficult, but it stops the cycle of hate and anger. I have also learned not to expect any reciprocity, but I do hope that the kindness will be given to someone else in the future.
I learned that kindness is a reward and growth of ones self. It’s empowerment to self a glow that others see and the person giving kindness feels
Kindness can be taught we all need this
This touched my soul people need to learn to e more kind, but it starts with one’s self. Thank you!
Kind to myself ...
I was brought up to treat others how you would like to be treated, so treating others with kindness is usually my default setting which has led to people trying to take advantage and use me as a “doormat” at times. One thing I am not good at though that this highlighted was to start with myself first at being kind before I can truly put kindness out, I do not treat myself how I treat others or how I would like others to treat me. I am the one who is critical of myself and feels like I have let myself or others down at times. So I will continue to treat others with kindness but I guess I need to think more along the lines of to treat myself how I would like others to treat me and see if that helps me to improve on living kindness to myself and ultimately others.
“Please treasure yourself”
Those are powerful words to end a meditation. Words that sums up what we should do and feel about ourselves so we can consciously interact wholly and presently with others. I’ve learned for long that “you cannot give what you don’t have.” It’s been taught to us every time at church but I -we- still fail to realize its true, deeper meaning. Oftentimes, we think that in order for people to treat us with kindness, we should be kind to them first. It’s the give-and-take code we have and hold on to for a time now. But what we fail to understand is, we cannot be kind to other people if we are not kind first to ourselves. So, really, if we want some changes, some shifts to happen, whether it be for our surroundings or just for ourselves, we should ALWAYS start WITHIN. I never thought of myself as a treasure, something worthy to keep and love and shared. But now I know that I am, and if I want people to know that I am, I will now value myself more. Love it more. Be kind to it more. Thank you for this wisdom. I really love it. Namaste 🙏
Chose kindness
...For everyone you meet is facing a great battle’. A great intention for today and always. Namaste
There are times when you do not comprehend the power of your words and actions. What you say and do can influence an entire lifetime. There once was a man who responded to kindness with an expression of complete shock! 💕 Until then, he did not know his value as a human being. Never under estimate your power. To support or to destroy. With Love- The Hug Therapist ❤️🐻
In life there is no time to treat people with disrespect or rudeness. What I learned and what we all can learn from today’s lesson is to choose being kind, caring, and to show people even if we don’t know them respect. Please be nice to people
It doesn’t hurt anybody to be kind. You have no reason not to be kind actually so why not just be kind.
Self love
I think self-kindness is definitely one of the first steps to genuine kindness to others!
Notice judgemental thought of self first, respond to self with kindness "treasure yourself"
I learned that what most others want is a kind person, it feels good to be kind
I felt very good and enlightened
I learned that I can be kind always and it can never hurt. It always will benefit my life.
I felt like anything that was making me sad or upset has went away. I love that.
Kindness & Judgement
Although I may not be able to control whether judgemental thoughts arise, I can control how much attention I give to them
Kindness began with . You had to be kind with yourself in body and mind. And only then you can be kind with other
To be kind to others, I must first be kind to myself. Kindness is healing to both receiver and giver. Everyone is fighting their own battles- big or small. Life is happier with kindness to EVERYONE
I can choose to kind. We all have choices. So I choose to be kind.
Be Kind
This was a beautiful meditation. I felt very calm, focused and interested. I placed my hand on my heart and the other one on my stomach and took deep calming breaths. I believe that I do practice kindness frequently, but I want to be more aware of this during difficult situation with certain ppl and conversations and choose kindness wisely over trying to prove a point. Thank you🙏🏻
I feel weird
I learned to be kind in the little things first then graduate to bigger things be kind tooo yourselves
I think I am quite a kind person to others but it made me realise that I need to be kinder to myself
I learnt that kindfulness has to start with self healing. I am going to work out changing the words I use with myself and this will in turn spread to how I speak to others, especially those who I have issues with. It is easier to be kind to a stranger than to someone who has hurt you in the past but I will work on being kind to everyone and not hold on to negative feelings about other people.
Be Kind
“In a world where you can be anything...be kind” Kindness starts with being kind to yourself
Choose Kindness
We all can learn a thing or two about kindness; kindness is fundamental and that we should always choose kindness and being supportive towards one another rather judge others and or put them down.
I always try and be kind.. No matter what!!! The world would be a lot better place... If all was like it.. Makes be feel good being kind and helping others... Expecting nothing back.
It all starts with being kind to MYSELF and I always up me last... funny..oxygen mask please, thank you.. now.. how can I assist you in YOUR happiness.. I’ll have more to give if I give to myself first🖤
Think about what story you are telling yourself, what judgments are going through your head, and how that makes you feel. In your head, start being kind to others and kind to yourself.Then extend that outwards and spread kindness to family, friends, and strangers.
I’m always kind I always ask people’s names from
Cleaners to CEOs I always pay someone a compliment as that can turn around their day! ❤️
Learning to be kind to others and myself! Use your heart to remember that everyone is dealing with issues and kind words make others forget their issues and hopefully they learn it’s going to be ok soon! Never give up on my self to becoming kind to me is very important to soften my mind and being good to myself!
It costs nothing to be kind
Kindness is something I’ve always practiced but I show a lot of kindness to others and I feel hurt when I don’t receive kindness in return. I am going to work more on being kinder to myself so, so that I don’t expect kindness from anyone else.
Be kind
I need to practice being less judgmental and more kind toward others. Is the locus of my judgement rooted in a feeling of inadequacy? By judging others, am I not trying to lift myself above them? Why do I do this? This is the question I must deal with.
This helped out a lot for me and hopefully it’ll work for you.
I was put in a good mood my resting having a good breakfast most important meal of the day lunch and dinner in the midnight snack tried it a few days ago and been doing it ever cents also try being positive about everything you do no matter how much somebody discourages you and make sure you cut those people out of your life you do not need people that will hold you down or talk down do you. One more thing keeps smiling and keep your head up when you look down it brings you down and make sure you stay hydrated pretty much all the time trying all kinds of water and stay protected by having something or someone to only help you not bring you down. Very important never let no one bring you down. Until next time Teddy Plouwallz. A.K.A. Aaron Alexander Collins.
Judging thoughts
What stood out...how does that judging thought feel in your body...
Being Kind to MYSELF
I learned that kindness begins with being KIND to myself and by placing my hand on my heart shifts my awareness from within. Once I am aware of kindness I can then gratefully shift focus from self to OTHERS. Especially towards those with whom I may have experienced difficulties with. Awareness of my thoughts and words are utterly important!
Practice Kindfulness
When I notice a judgmental thought come up over the course of the day, I can lightly touch myself in the heart area to remind myself that that’s not what I want to fill myself with. I then have noticed the thought already so I can consciously switch it to a kind one.
Being kindful
I noticed that I want to be kind as possible and need to start with myself
Being kind takes nothing.
It’s takes nothing to be kind to one another In a world where we see so many evil and wickedness, we should be kind.
Be kind
We never know hat another person has been through. Practicing kindness not only helps the other person, but it also helps bring calm into your body and life.
Walter J
Just as a candle looses no light nor heat when it lights another candle, we loose nothing when we are kind to another life form. In fact, the world becomes a little brighter and warmer in both cases. I love the idea to take just a moment before you speak and ask yourself if what you are about to say is kind. Will it make the world a little brighter? A little warmer? If so… say it! If not, forget it. I believe it was Thumpers mom back in the old Walt Disney movie - Bambi, who was trying to teach us “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!” Imagine how much brighter & full of love the world would be if we could all do this for one day! Or even 1 hour?! Why not try it for just the next conversation?!? Light and love to you my friends, much more light & love!! Be kind, say kind things, ESPECIALLY to yourself!!! 🕯❤️🍀
Kindness is free
I am a kind person and I love showing kindness to others. I haven’t always been kind to myself and because of that I have sometimes made poor choices and allowed situations or people to be around me who were not healthy . This meditation reinforced how important it is to start by giving kindness to myself first.
I just love that word! I need to remember to first be kind to myself. I need to speak to myself like I would to a friend
Simple yet profound
Kind. If you can’t find it in this world then maybe just maybe give it to yourself ? When you really think about this idea it’s the definition of self love. I needed this thank you peace and love ;)
Goodness should come to me too
I deserve kindness too. I am awesome! It’s easy to forget that we deserve what we usually give away.
Please Treasure Yourself
Once I heard these words my knees buckled. This is a perfect way to say love yourself first so that you can give joy and kindness to others. A perfect way to start my day. It’s time for me to be kind and hopefully make someone smile today.
Welcome kindness
Trusting in the goodness of kindness expressed seeking its nourishing state space house home spot on which I stand - grounding in its freshness lightness weightless ness - kind like a butterfly being a butterfly wackily like a crow ready to take the muffin on the table - ah bad bird - still I can say it with kindness
Such a listen this morning!
This is a great listen this morning! Great reminder of loving energy and kindness towards yourself!