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Potatoes, Eggs & Coffee Beans

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This is a story about how we deal with pressure and adversity.
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Hard, soft, or fundamentally transformed?
I guess you can be brought low by adversity, but a hearty breakfast can give you a new outlook on the day?🤪🤣
I believe I am more like a coffee bean then a potato or an egg, at least I have become so. I think I started becoming a coffee bean when I was a kid, because I had many challenges with two spoiled siblings and a over-controlling strict grandmother. Now, I’ve been at a job for 33 years in which I have had to overcome many challenges, people and situations coming at me at the same time, one problem after the other. I think my childhood prepared me for my stressful job and my stressful job makes some of life’s challenges easier to handle. In the past I had more potatoes and eggs than coffee beans. My past had plenty of good times that made the tough stuff fade, but it’s also good to be where I am now. Thanks 🙏 Aura
To be quite honest...
I have to say that I’m all three. Depending on the circumstance and the adversity and how each presents itself, I may respond and/or react differently. I strive and struggle to be like the coffee, but realistically, I’m not sure that it’s a necessary expectation. And that’s okay with me. I will continue to be the best that I can using the skills that I have. As long as I don’t start going backwards, I figure I’m on the right track. ❤️🌷
Handling Adversity
Depending on the situation I am all 3 of these things...weak, strong, or can turn a crappy situation into something better. Handling adversity in life this is where it becomes important to make sure your taking care of yourself.
In the face of adversity
I want to be like the coffee bean 😊. A nice reminder that our most difficult experiences are often the ones with the most power to effect personal change
Change the water
I would like to be a coffee bean, but up to now, have mostly been an egg. I get harder and harder and my shell toughens. I get more cynical with more adversity. I would like to learn to be coffee and transform the adversity to something new and wonderful. Not sure how to get there...
I am...
I never give myself credit and stress a lot of things, things that really aren't a big deal. I always come out on top as the coffee bean. Sometimes I believe I am the potato and people actual see me as an egg. So thru everything I realize I am them all and it's okay because I'm growing. I just need to allow the time and patience to realize that.
Potatoes, eggs & coffee
These stories amaze me! A day or so ago, I read someone’s comments about this story and decided I really wanted to listen to it, but I couldn’t find it the next day because I couldn’t remember the name. Tonight, it was right here waiting. I hope to think of the story the next time adversity strikes so that I can choose my response instead of just reacting.
Potatoes, Eggs and Coffee Beans
I think we all would love to be the coffee beans: to turn a bad situation into something positive when we are faced with adversity. But I think the ability to do this comes with experience—making the mistake of being too soft and getting stepped on or becoming too hardened and realizing this is not who we intended to be. Unless you’re an old soul, being the coffee beans might be a matter of being old enough to have been all three and wise enough to know it’s best to be the coffee beans.
Potatoes, Coffee & Eggs
I learned that we all go through tough situations and it’s how we react to the situation and how we let the situation effect us.
I hope I am a coffee bean! If not, I want to become a coffee bean! ☕️ Listen to this great little story of transformation and decide which you are! 💫🙏♥️🙏💫
I am a coffee bean
I love coffee.... I think This was about how everyone receives stuff differently but idk.
In listening to this I can say I want to be the coffee. I want to be a part of creating something new and something better. But I think honestly at times I’m like the potato. I know Jesus is a potter and I’m His clay. I know that being over heat is a good thing but in the moment it does not feel that way. My biggest obstacle is my mind. It’s how I react to things and don’t react for that matter. Once I conquer my mind, it’s my belief I’ll conquer adversity.
I just like this. While this may have not been the coffee meditation, I liked it. Thanks!
Coffee bean mindset...
This was inspiring to hear. It’s all about how we respond to adversity. Will I let it change me, or will I stay strong and influence the outcome? I need to have the coffee bean mindset. ☕️
Potatoes, eggs and coffee beans
How do you approach adversity. Be the coffee bean. Approach adversity and change it
You should not let what you are facing determine who or what you are. You should determine who or what you in the situation or what you are facing
i think that this story really relates to me a lot right now. i just don’t know how much longer i can keep dealing with these problems, there must be some other solution than anger. right now i’m like a potato. i’m weak and defeated after getting into an argument. instead i want to be like the coffee beans. work out a solution that is good for both of the people in the argument, and change what is expected. i’m not quite sure if i can respond so delicately, but it’s worth a try!
Potatoes, Eggs and Coffee
Life is all about how you react to it. Do not allow it to make you soft like a boiled potato or hard like a boiled egg. Let your experiences make you rich like boiled coffee!
Potatoes eggs and coffee beans
LOVED the lesson behind this story. Which do we want to be? Strong then soft. Fragile then hard. Free and transformative. Not sure if the coffee represents free, but that’s my point of view. I would like to be the coffee— free. Not hard, not fragile, but free and open to be and transform when faced with an adversity.
Work towards the product you want to be
I think it’s hard to say what product we might be. In particular there are moments where we can be either of the three especially depending on the stressor. To me it’s not necessarily what product we are but what product we want to be and how we work towards that.
Crappy But I enjoyed the story
I just have to keep moving on -listening, observing, acknowledging feelings n insights, gratitude
It taught me a lot! Really what I needed right now... subscribed! Hope I get better content as well😁
Moving Forward and Changing
I learned that when life throws challenges your way, it is your choice in what you become after it.
Potatoes, Eggs and Coffee Beans
This one really made me think at the end. Right now I'm definitely the potato.
Potatoes, eggs, coffee
Mind shifted from my preoccupations to the story, I smiled a little, want to keep the anecdote with me
I learned through this story that yes, I'm having a difficult time, but I would be much happier if I adapted my surroundings and made them to my own liking. I can choose to not suffer through hardships. I'd like to be like coffee beans one day, peppy, strong, and well-loved by many.
Funny how it only takes a 3 minute story to remind us of who we are. Somehow in this connected world, we disconnect from ourselves.
I am a potato
With a potential of being An egg, aspiring to be coffee!!!! Very inspiring story!
Coffee bean
I always change to make people happy. I’m getting tired of it.
Be Coffee
I need to be more like coffee when faced with adversity and change the reaction.
Changes in adversity
Through difficult times you can change into something more meaningful
Day 1
I liked this story. The father is wise and attentive to his daughter and it left a smile on my face.
Everyone faces adversity differently. Some crumble under the pressure. Others harden themselves . This will deal with adversity successfully managed to change the environment around seven it works for them.