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Positive Psychology: Savoring Pleasure

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Healthy Mind
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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
It is so easy to focus on what doesn't feel good, that's how our attention usually orientates. However, the practice of focusing on what feels good and savoring it, can lead to a more balanced view of ourselves and our lives, and bring more pleasure to it. Often when something good happens, we brush it off and move on to the next thing, without pausing and letting it permeate us.
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6 reflections
Put your phone away
Take it in, give yourself time to absorb what’s good around you. That instagram sunset photo isn’t going to make you feel better. Taking it in will. Smile at the person next to you in that beautiful quiet silence, before thinking about what hashtags to put in. Savor it. This is your one shot at life.
Walter J
Love this tract! I agree focusing on the positive is not denying that the negative does not exist. It just expands the positive further. I also heard something like: Speaking highly of self is good, Enjoying pleasure is smart, Savoring pleasure is wise. Keep on expanding!! ❤️☮️🍀
I was really present in the moment absorbing the soothing words and wanting to savour moments more.
I love this concept. Savoring what you have right now. Enjoying. Positive thinking. It works!
New neural pathways…
I always try to stay positive and think on the bright side but this made me think more deeply about savoring even the smallest pleasures like my quiet morning coffee time, warm shower or comfortable bed. The idea that focusing on the positives increases new neural pathways in my brain makes it even more intriguing to want to continue to focus on all things positive, big and small. Thank you Cass. I always learn something from your sessions.
A glimpse
I had a moment where I felt all the struggles I’ve had seemed pointless. A complete disconnected feeling from them.
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