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Positive Magnetic Calling

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Cory Cochiolo
Hypnotherapist & Meditation Teacher
We can be very unaware of what we are putting out to the world through our subconscious minds. We vibrate and magnetically attract that which our energy is calling out to the universe. Sit with me in meditation and, be in control of the vibrational calling you are putting out to the world. Use your awareness to bring to you all the good things like abundance, love, and good health!
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Positive Magnetic Calling
This is so true! I have days when I feel the Universe is giving me exactly what I need.
Word +Actions = the life you want!
I’m getting back what I put out, not what I say I want. It’s the ideas that it’s not just the words, it’s the actions.
Marie Ree
I have heard these ideas for many years that I’ve been meditating, but I never REALLY understood until you did this meditation. You explained it so well! I have been attracting negativity because that’s what I put out there. Worrying, fear anxiety and lack. Corey, you were one of my favorite meditation teachers on Aura. I am almost a senior citizen, yet I listen to your kids tracks all the time as well. I was taking notes during the meditation of what attitudes and things that I say, all the time I can reverse into something positive. My health, my weight, my financial situation, my relationships, focusing on love and abundance, instead of lack and fear. I’ve got so many changes I can make in my attitude and what I talk about from the notes I took. Thank you so much Corey.
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