Poetry mixed with previous meditation
Self Awareness Morning meditation Think about intention for the day- Halloween boxes for my amazing grandkids Surprise box for my friend Liz for hugs and gratitude Help Jeff - he needs support and hoping he grows from this Help Gramie in honor of my parents and even she doesn’t deserve a hellish demise Focus on my posture and back Focus on cleaning house and organizing my chaos I am in control Whatever happens I have the power to change it I am powerful I’m vibrant, valued I remember myself as I was before the world said I was not me I breathe in clarity , gratitude, love , confidence , creativity , strength, self mastery, Breathe in strength Breathe out weakness Breathe in confidence Breathe out fear Breathe in gratitude Breathe out disappointment Breathe in hope Breathe out despair Surprise yourself today! Possibilities are endless Take care of me I might enjoy poetry- I I am me I am not you I know me - My intentions, my heart, my motivation You do not know me or my why I am Who I know myself to be- Not who another paints me to look like… They do no, cannot and never will know me Because my intentions are true, good, honorable- they are not tainted by what someone else has painted- I am not who you say because you say it once or say it for 40 years- it does not make it true So say what you will The universe knows that I am what I am, I am who I am, my intentions are what they are And so I am Me… I Janet