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Sleep Time - Body Scanning Yoga Nidra

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Alex Dudgon
Inner Peace, Wisdom & Self-Empowerment Teacher
This meditation is fantastic for the complete relaxation of the mind and body. It’s particularly effective for those who suffer with insomnia, stress or anxiety. Your entire being will feel at peace by the end of this practice & you'll become completely at one with every inch of your body.
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3 reflections
Perfect for sleep time
This helped me body scan and prepare for bed. Relax and reduce my autoimmune pains at night.
I fell asleep fast!
I started the meditation and was asleep before I got to my torso. Have done this meditation twice and both times have had a wonderful, peaceful nights sleep.
I love this meditation .
It helped my to relax. Alex’s voice was so soothing and very relaxing to listen to. I will be doing this one again.