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Peaceful, Safe, Kind and Accepting

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Lauren Ziegler
Sleep Coach and Yoga Therapist
This session will help you discover how you are feeling and give you a safe strategy for being with those feelings. It will give you space to be, just be, as you are. You will get beneath the thinking and storylines to be in your body and process emotions.
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8 reflections
Warm Energy
I felt a tightness in my chest worrying about a lot of people and things in these turbulent times. When I placed my hand over my heart, it felt as if I had created a circuit of warm energy back into myself. The tears started to well up and roll down my cheeks as I realized how many powerful emotions I'm harboring in my heart and mind right now. So grateful to have Lauren's voice, sounding almost like my conscience, to remind me to take it easy on myself and remind me that this hard time won't last forever.
This got me to calm down. All kinds of things were stirring. But going through this was like a circuit breaker. I was able to stop engaging in a negative cycle and instead come back to center and more calm and more quiet.
Guilt overwhelms me
Guilt is so strong, I could have done more. I was overwhelmed and needed him. He wasn’t there emotionally or mentally and then he killed himself.
First long meditation
This was my first meditation over 7 minutes. I loved focusing on compassion for ourselves and others. A practice I will return to.
Compassion comes from a place deep within my spirit. It is for myself. It is to be given to others.
Forgiveness and unconditional love
I learned that no matter what the people we love and care about do to hurt us that we have done things to hurt them too and to let go is a big step. I learned that by letting go and giving your full support to someone that you find peace and clarity in your heart and joy in life again. In times of pain and sorrow there’s always peace and joy around the bend so you have to keep your vehicle (yourself) on course. The universe well guide you to the next destination as you let go of control and let the universe take the wheel now.
I give a lot it is ok for me to accept compassion for myself. I too deserve compassion
Feel good
Peaceful, safe, kind, and accepting. This meditation is for sure a boost! I feel optimistic, energized, excited for what my day may bring. Ready to move through my day one moment at a time. I sometimes wish that those closest to me could live in the now. To enjoy the beautiful gifts and abundance I continue to receive and project out to all others. I've become much better at listening mindfully and quietly. But I can't help myself at times when I share something spiritual with them. I do send love and abundance to them through the divine. I think the divine will take it from there.
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