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Peaceful Pause - Breath

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Susitha Reddy
Meditation Teacher and Healing Guide
This meditation will help you move from the mind to the heart. The duration is intentionally short so that you can listen to it many times during the day, to take a beautiful and calming peaceful pause. These pauses will help you feel renewed and you will be able to move from grounded energy. The thoughts of the mind create stress and anxiety, and the space of the Heart reveals peace and calm. The mind is time and the Heart is the Now, the mind is division and the Heart is oneness.
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4 reflections
Peaceful pause
What a gentle way to bring my day. Thank you for this breath practice
I am more relaxed. It took my mind off of work
I feel more calm and not as anxious. This helped take my mind off of the all of the chatter and worry I go through on a daily basis. I am anxious & worry all of the time about things I do
Sat 29 sept
I have Covid and am tired and sore I learnt though to have some time to focus on my breathing and positive affirmations make me feel good Having this available for short mini pauses throughout day will benefit
I felt calm and relaxec
I noticed my breath It is stressful being told I need to write more
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