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Peaceful Morning Meditation

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Victoria Yoga
Yoga, Meditation & Holistic Therapist
Gift yourself with time for a quiet connection and start the day from a space of calm and peace. Connect with your breathing, take time in gratitude, and set a beautiful intention for your day. Take some time in Mantra Meditation to connect with the present moment and manifest a day of calm, peace, and positivity.
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I Am
Bringing in gratitude and feeling it blossom within our hearts is a beautiful way to begin our day! This practice immediately shifts our thinking from a lack standpoint to an abundance standpoint, thereby increasing the aliveness we feel in our body. Full of thankfulness, we are open to receive what is ours to receive. Getting comfortable on a bench underneath a tree, I connected with my breath. Feeling this life force energy flow in through my nostrils and into my chest vitalized my body. Thank you. Feeling this life force energy flow out of my nostrils and back into the space around me calmed my body. Thank you. Moving to bring other things to mind that I am grateful for, I felt an inner smile form. In this abundantly peaceful space, I repeated my intention for the day: I infuse peace, love and compassion wherever I go. Afterwards, I focused on a beautiful mantra for the remainder of this meditation. As I repeated this simple, yet extremely powerful mantra, I felt my whole body becoming surrounded by an invisible force. Held gently, I was light as a feather. Opening my eyes, I Am! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Pure Healthyness
I learned that my inner being is within me and I learned how to access it thru meditation and breathing exercises. I mustn’t spew all things that come to my brain as some things doesn’t need to come from my mouth whether there be negative . You may allow yourself to hear but no comment necessary Quietness allowing the inner peace to deflect
She quotes nickelback in this… priceless. Who needs valid spiritual leadership when we have crappy pop lyrics.
I’m sorry the app will not allow me to write under your comment but thank you for your beautiful insights and for sharing your experience 💖🙏
Perfect for me this morning. Setting the tone for my day. I feel good. I love Sundays.
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