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Peaceful Morning - Honouring The Now

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Susitha Reddy
Meditation Teacher and Healing Guide
Now is the doorway to peace, rest, love, and newness. Our mind keeps us trapped in the past and future by a constant stream of thoughts. In this audio, we will relax into the now and learn a simple way to recognize the peace of the now. We will learn to trust that Now space as our friend and beloved. Now is the field of new possibilities, value the Now and honor it and allow it to bring you many blessings.
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3 reflections
Even though time promises, it never delivers. Hearing these words reminded me of the tribulations time has caused me. Living from the past, I wasted so many moments in states of regret, shame or blame. Living from the future, I wasted so many moments in states of worry and anxiety. The Now is the only place that is real and therefore, the only place we have power. As I listened with open eyes, I noticed the spaciousness between me and objects. There is enough space to hold everything. Honoring the Now, I am calm, I am spacious, I am gracious and I am grateful. Thank you for such a wonderful experience! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Friday 2nd June 2023
I'm not sure yet, I'm looking for a meditation technique rather than stuff about now, and love etc. This is my first morning with Aura.
No better time than the present right? This session confirms that. It brought feelings of peace and tranquillity to my morning. Definitely one of my favorites so far. Thank you.
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