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Peaceful Breathing

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Alex Dudgon
Inner Peace, Wisdom & Empowerment Coach
Use these simple yet powerful breathing techniques to help you feel at peace. Deep breathing helps us relax the mind as well as removing toxins from the body and a host of other physical benefits. I ask users to give themselves a score out of 10 in how peaceful they feel before & after the meditation. See if you feel more peaceful after simply slowing down the breath...
From the community
4 reflections
After doing this I realized that my default breathing was very shallow. That shallow breathing was feeding into a tenseness I was feeling. Breathing deeper and slower into the belly felt so much better. This practice helped me to release some of that tension I was holding in my chest and stomach.
Please go through this session fully focused, I hope you will feel the same wonderful sensation that i felt at the very last part - collecting that wonderful energy to your inner self. Really good. Thankful 🙏😊
Marques Pizarro
Peace and surrendering
This meditation was beautiful. I loved each exercise and how it was guided! I felt at ease throughout and felt a sense of stress and need for control lift off my shoulders. Again, beautiful session 🙏🏼
First Day
I noticed how tense my body is and how much my mind lacks the ability to be still. Will need work.