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Peace Pause (Youth Tracks)

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Only have a few minutes, but need to shift your mindset, emotional state or attitude? This is the meditation for you. Feel better in just three simple minutes!
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9 reflections
Fast effective
Sometimes the quicker meditations aren't as effective for me, but this one was great & allowed me to re-centre & ground myself. Definitely a go-to favourite!
This was very quick, but introduced me to physically feeling the energy I all serbinf about. It also helped me to begin my personal visualization of what i think my energy looks like.
What my energy looks like. I’m researching on visualization while I meditate, and this was the first guided meditation that really helped introduce the visualization. It was very exciting.
I feel more comfortable now.
Just taking a few minutes out of my morning helps keep the rest of the day on track.
I learned that by picturing a golden light as I’m breathing and letting this stressful energy go out through my feet as I breathe out I can relax and reflect my day. I am hoping that this will be an effective tool to regain my focus and reconnect my mind to my body. I am grateful for the people who work for this app for filling this crack to gather. And also for the community I’m with the app for putting this track together and for taking the time to read this post. Well I struggle to keep my eyes closed and avoid my natural tendency of backfilling through my mouth I still over exhaling through my mouth I still found this to be extremely relaxing. I hope everyone is OK, happy, and well.
This is peace, to breathe quietly reflecting on nothing, but being.
Peace Pause
Wow! What a wonderful practice. I loved the reminder to step back, breath, ground and breath back your energy from where ever you had been sending it
Day one
Shortness of breath still is present in my body. A tightness in my left lung
Not just for youth
This is an excellent track. When you really need something but not too long but effective, this is perfect. Don’t let the title for you, this is for anyone. May peace be yours.
Nice & short peaceful practice
It felt good to take a quick second to focus on getting my stress & anxiety out. Definitely one of my favorite sessions!