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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
"When you find peace within yourself, you find it in all situations in the world."  - dorothy ratusny Where do you go to find comfort and peace?  Where is this for you? Join me for a beautiful guided prose meditation - a meditation with gentle directives for contemplation and to experience peace and calm from within.   "Follow your breath into it... be one with it.  Let peace guide you into the next moment."  - Namaste! xo
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16 reflections
Sensation in my forehead
I felt a sensation in my forehead followed by complete disconnection with where I was. It was relieving and peaceful! Thank you Dorothy for this powerful practice!
I ❤️ ❤️❤️ listening to this session so much yesterday that I decided to start my day with it again. Dorothy’s soothing voice along with the soft music in the background takes you to a place of stillness from within. My mind was completely still. I was able to focus fully on my breathing which felt like waves. I am feeling calm and centered.
When we feel peace within ourselves, we find it in all situations in our life. In this meditation, we contemplate where we feel peace within, then go there and become one with it. Getting situated in a posture where I was comfortable, I went inward, welcomed my breath and became still. Visualizing my in breath as a wave going out to recollect in the vast ocean and my out breath as a wave coming to shore, I relaxed even more in this stillness. Contemplating where I felt peace in this body, my awareness went to my heart center. Opening the door to my heart center, I was greeted by this presence of peace. Listening to its wisdom, I realized that above the thoughts of this mind and beyond the sensations of this body, I Am this presence of peace. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Walter J
Wow, what a great calming but powerful session! Getting comfortable in my bed and letting go of everything, I felt my awareness sink into my chest as the rest of me rose and enveloped around it and welcomed this wonderful peace into my heart chakra which had to grow to accept it all. I felt like a pillar standing in a pool of clear water without a ripple on the surface... calm but aware. I grew from my base in the pool to the heavens in the sky... connecting all that is to itself. Energy channeling thru me got me calmly excited but not a ripple on the surface of my pool did I make. Then I feel, Not quite a breeze but lighter... a slow, massive cosmic movement of Energy vibrating slowly across my entire surface. I am a chord stretching from heaven to earth and there is a vibration of peace flowing thru me that is radiating outward to the world. I have been made aware that I am a willing instrument of God to be used to resonate a Peaceful vibration to the World... Whoa...!! 🙏🏼☮️🍀
I felt a moment of stillness.
Since the beginning of COVID I really haven’t set aside a time to just be still. Despite having nothing I’ve been trying to fill my time so that I don’t get restless but I now realize that I also haven’t given myself time to just be still. A moment of stillness. Of peace. I’ve been worrying about so many things I can’t control so it was nice to just be still.
I learned that I am able to do more than what is put in front of me to achieve a higher level of happiness.
I found my centre of gravity after getting some bad news. I learned not to let bad things get to me like they did
Still searching
I’ve been on a quest to find peace for years, and am still searching. I hope to find it and be able to hold onto it one day. Be well!
Peaceful Morning
This was just what I needed this morning. My heart and mind are being pulled in so many directions it was nice to just center and clear my thoughts for once in the morning.
Peaceful morning
Move deeper into comfort. Find the posture that’s most soothing to you. Go into your center, center of your being
Peace lies within the stillness that is inside us. Be still and find your peace
Walter J
I struggled at first to calm my racing mind. Then I remembered to observe my thoughts, acknowledging them but then letting them go and I was finally able to calm down and feel the peace by visualizing a calm pond in my mind. Not a ripple on the surface... very soothing ... 😑☮️🍀
Very calming
I learned that I needed this time for myself to learn to be more positive instead of negative and to not jump to assumptions right away. Still very much a work in progress with that but I’m ready for the journey.
Where do I go to find peace? This was a reminder that the peace I am looking for is quietly inside me
Her voice is soothing and comforting.
I think of being on a raft in Costa Rica in a lagoon with brilliant sunset colors and emerald water. It really helps. Thank you.
Perfect title for when you need a Peaceful Retreat from the stresses of life! Daytime, Afternoon, Evening and Late Night are all the perfect time for a peaceful getaway to wherever you let your mind take you….
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