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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
"When you find peace within yourself, you find it in all situations in the world." - dorothy ratusny Where do you go to find comfort and peace? Where is this for you? Join me for a beautiful guided prose meditation - a meditation with gentle directives for contemplation and to experience peace and calm from within. "Follow your breath into it... be one with it. Let peace guide you into the next moment." - Namaste! xo
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Oh I apologize
I was come to this meditation often. Currently, I have been distracted, by events in my life causing me tremendous stress and pain. I will try again and still again. Thank you. 💕💕💕
Inner peace
By finding and recognizing the sensation of inner peace you can draw upon it as needed
Source of Comfort
Peace is an awakened state of consciousness. Just like happiness, it is our innate nature to be in balance and thus, be at peace. In this longer version, Dorothy has us go within and become one with peace. Getting settled into a comfortable position while the skies overhead were stormy, I went inward to get in touch with my being. Opening up, I felt peace rising from the depths of my heart chakra. A tranquil and harmonious feeling appeared and began to spread throughout my body with each new inhale. On each out breath, I let go of anything that no longer served me. In this case, I visualized snipping any ties that bound me to my past. Feeling more free, I listened attentively to what my source of comfort began to tell me. As the heavy clouds dumped its water and thunder roared, I heard my source of comfort say to me, “No matter what is going on around you, no matter if it is stormy or calm, you will remain unshakable because you and I are one of the same.” In that moment, peace and I became one and I felt an overwhelming lightness in my body. The room I was in filled with peace and every being in the room was touched by its presence. Our German Shepard that had been previously shivering and chattering his teeth from the storm was now calm. The rain had stopped. As I sit here writing this outside now, I look around in my surroundings the clouds have opened up to allow some rays of sunshine to shine onto the rain stricken petals and leaves. The birds have begun to sing their songs. Yes, the storm has cleared and I am reminded that there is a time to every purpose. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Inner Peace
Where do you go to find peace? When we find peace within ourselves, we are able to find it in all of life’s situations. Laying down on my couch, bringing my attention to my 3rd eye while focusing on my breathing is where I find peace from within. It is amazing to me that anytime I bring my attention to my 3rd eye while focusing on my breath that it initiates an immediate calm centered feeling. As I continue to focus on Dorothy’s soothing voice along with my breathing, I feel myself becoming more relaxed. My body is sinking into the couch. No one or anything needs my attention at this moment. This is my me time. Thank you Cherish for bringing the longer version of this meditation to my attention. 😃It was a heavenly experience.
I alway thought that I should look for/find my inner peace in my heart center. But this time I let go of that judgement, and just noticed where I felt it. It was my third eye, even flowing into my throat chakra. What a wonderfully beautiful, restful, peaceful meditation. And what a treat to let go of expectation and discover yourself. 💜💫
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