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Pause - Create Space - Breathe

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Sandrine Cranswick
Mindfulness Teacher & Coach
Taking a pause for 7 minutes, what I call ‘a bubble of time’, to create space within the busyness of the day. Pausing regularly allows us to reconnect with the present moment, to stop the autopilot mode and stress cycle.
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2 reflections
Resting mind
I am just sitting with feet on the floor and back straight. There is an awareness of the coolness of the wood floor on my feet and the soft cushion I’m sitting on. Nice long pauses in this meditation to just be. Just breathe. No outside interruptions or thoughts except to relax my belly. Breathing from the belly makes my experience much more relaxing and meaningful. I feel good; my mind feels uncluttered. Great meditation! 🙏🌺
Wonderful Space
Settling in my chair, I closed my eyes and sensed my surroundings. Becoming more aware of how I was sitting, I readjusted myself and felt the whole weight of my body shift equally in my chair. Having my body fully supported by this chair now, I felt ready to move on. Becoming aware of the soles of my feet, I sensed the texture of the rug below. I realized in this wonderful space, I am grounded. Moving on from feeling myself grounded to focusing on my breath, I became aware of the natural inflow and outflow of air in my nostrils. Just having this subtle flow of air enter and exit my body, I sensed a stillness. I realized in this wonderful space, I am peaceful. Taking a pause, creating space and just breathing was exactly what I needed after being busy earlier this morning. Thank you, Sandrine! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️