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Pause - Create Space - Breathe

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Sandrine Cranswick
Mindfulness Teacher & Coach
Taking a pause, what I call ‘a bubble of time’, to create space within the busyness of the day. Pausing regularly even for a few seconds allows us to reconnect with the present moment and to stop the cycle of autopilot mode.
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I learned that
it is important to let the mind rest outside of sleeping. with our busy day to day lives, our minds can be overworked, and just like our bodies it needs to rest and recuperate.
Hard today
Taking moment to be mindful of the space around is great. Hard today to focus.
Feeling AWESOME!
I learned that taking the time to meditate is self-care. Thank you.
Family 🇺🇸Family🇺🇸
My Family and I are taking a trip to see my nephew graduate from the United States Marine Corps in South Carolina Paris Island. It's being held this Thursday so many blessings are in the air. I get to see my oldest brother he has no clue that I am going by the way I am the baby of my siblings. I get to see his three children the last time I saw my nephew he was 6 and now he's graduating from the Marine Corps. At the age of 26. I saw my niece when she was only 1 now she is 21 and I never see my nephew he is 13. My children get to meet their cousins. My husband gets to go back to the place where his Marine Corp Journey began. My brother gets to go back to where his Marine Corps journey began and gets a visit from his baby sister Me can't wait to see the expression on his face. So excited. I hope the day looks as beautiful as this picture because I am going to pause create space breathe and definitely be in the present and my mind. This is going to be so memorable.
I need to bring back that curiosity of feeling and the invisible. As a designer, my creative and problem solving energy can be depleted. Yesterday, ended stressfully but my manager was a trooper with helping resolve the issue.
I love this
This makes me feel happy and calm but thanthe reality kind of sucks but I still have that happiness with me
This was a good one.
I need to take more moments within the day to find peace. I felt that my body was sitting unevenly on the floor.
me time
I would like to be more consistent with meditating on a daily basis, at least twice a day. I believe it would help out alot with encouraging better self care practices.
Mental Break
It’s just good to get a mental break. To just have a moment where you can let your mind rest and let go of everything. Even if it’s just for a minute or two throughout the day.