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Pause at Top of Inhale

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided breath practice invites the listener to gently extend the natural pause at the top of the inhale breath. By following this guidance, the listener increases breath capacity in a soothing way, inviting more alertness and energy into the system, while also inviting the body in a calm state.
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Bad to okay
Who knew that we hold so much stress unnoticed? Well it’s definitely noticed when you find yourself having an anxiety attack. Focussing on the pause in my breaths has and will definitely help today. It took my mind away from the subconscious tension I’m holding.
Noticing the Pause
During this session, you were suppose to just let your breath flow naturally which I was having a hard time with. Instead, I inhaled deeply noticing the pause and exhaled slowly. I am feeling relaxed as well as energized.
Very calming and relaxing practice. Enjoyed it very much - thank you Cassandra