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Parenting 101: Self-Regulation

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Parenting Help 101. For Children, self-regulation is the ability to remain calm, cope with big emotions, adapt, and respond appropriately to one's environment. Self-regulation is an important life skill as it allows children to do well in school, have healthy relationships, focus their attention, help with listening and comprehension, and thrive in their home environments. In this specialty skill episode of 'ask Dorothy' I share the real-life story of my client Samantha as we discuss the self-regulation habits that can best help her son. We also dive into self-regulation and brain development. https://nurtureandthriveblog.com/how-to-teach-your-child-self-regulation/ Let's dive into this together! Namaste!
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Parenting 101
I do not know why this was sent to me because my only child died 10 years ago.
Walter J
While not a normal meditation, this is an important issue that everyone should hear. It supports the fact that we all are born with strong Inherited Tendencies (DNA from our parents & ancestors) & we add to them through our Childhood Conditioning to create all our various belief systems of the way the world “should be” and our habits of living & being. This is all typically done by about age 6. Our brain waves up to this point are set to receive all information both Beneficial & Detrimental - as facts and stored deeply into our Subconscious as such. Around age 6 our brain waves change, our ego surfaces and we start living to protect our beliefs at all costs. Often Labeled as a strong willed child, they are just carrying out what we as parents have given them thru our DNA and more importantly what we have taught & showed & modeled for them their first 6 years. Proper Parenting is the most important job in the world! It starts way before conception by properly preparing our Body, Mind & Soul for what’s coming. Springs into non-stop, on-call, 24/7/365 action the moment at birth, and is scrutinized & constantly observed & copied until the child can claim itself to be an adult around age 30. Whew...!!! That is a lot of responsibility for two people, let alone one!! It is why I Believe our world seems so messed up. With so many single, underprepared & irresponsible people trying to act like parents, it is no wonder kids act the way they do...“they don’t know no better!” We need to better prepare our young adults to be better parents & bring up a better generation of kids & Dorothy is doing her part as I am starting to also. Why not join us? It is going to take us all to make the difference we all want to see! Namaste, ❤️🫂🍀
My son
I learned that the way I handle stress or self regulate my emotions is projected onto my son sometimes and he in turn, reacts the same way I do. In order for my son to be better at self regulation, I must model myself.