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Parenting 101: Self-Regulation

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Parenting Help 101. For Children, self-regulation is the ability to remain calm, cope with big emotions, adapt, and respond appropriately to one's environment. Self-regulation is an important life skill as it allows children to do well in school, have healthy relationships, focus their attention, help with listening and comprehension, and thrive in their home environments. In this specialty skill episode of 'ask Dorothy' I share the real-life story of my client Samantha as we discuss the self-regulation habits that can best help her son. We also dive into self-regulation and brain development. Let's dive into this together! Namaste!
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What I learned
Even though I say I don’t want to be my parents with my children I’m noticing I am do it, now I can fix myself and help my children
Love for self regulation
When I notice my amygdala is flaring and my lower brain is being activated I will try calling on love to self regulate and get back to my upstairs prefrontal cortex brain!
I learned that my reactions teach my children how they should react and I can’t not expect them to improve their behavior if I can not improve my own. I find it easier to co-regulate with my daughter but not my stepson who has cognitive and behavioral challenges. Maybe it is more love that he needs to help him to self regulate along with witnessing me self regulating. Today k will practice choosing love in moments of unwanted feelings I will first choose love. Thank you!
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