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Pain Killer Meditation

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Listen to this meditation daily. Reprogram your mind en body by listening to this meditation daily. And feel your body becoming calm and relaxed. You need to do the longer version meditation to make a change inside.
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16 reflections
Pain Killer
Listen to this meditation if you are experiencing pain. As you breathe, your body begins to sink in. To my surprise, my mind stopped focusing on the pain and more on what was being said. A good meditation to do over and over if you are someone that lives with chronic pain.
Pain Killer Meditation
Feel the pain but do not let it consume you. Release it. Relax and let it go. Be free. Replace the pain with relaxation. Allow yourself to shine
Day 1 finding peace
I learned that I must learn to breathe deeper to deal with the pain and that pain is something we can tap in n out of if we focus .
Pain Insight
For those in pain, who chronically complain about how difficult their life is but do nothing to benefit themselves or try methods to bring about positive change, I suggest that you give this meditation a heartfelt listen. Irene, this is another brilliant meditation, full of truth and wisdom. I am very acquainted with pain. Pain is not my friend, but I am. You have very wisely pointed out to those who continually complain and don’t move forward or see beyond their pain, that there truly is a better, healthier and happier way to live. I intend to listen to this when I feel down because your truth can set me free. Many thanks to you Irene, for once again caring so much to help others both see and experience the light. 🙏🏻Namaste🙏🏻
I have a lot of it, need to live in the future not the past. I need to envision my future self as positive, strong, and willing.
Erase pain
Erase the parts that hurt and replace them with new parts. This helped a bit, but I think it will some require practice. I will listen again because it is a nice, helpful visualization practice and with practice I believe it can help. Focusing on and identifying the areas of pain helps me to accept it rather than resisting it. Resistance just creates more physical stress which increases the pain. 🌻
Visualize wellness
After listening to the three minute session I did the seven minute session. This session is much better. Visualization is the first step in manifesting anything on the physical plane including wellness. I feel much better after doing this meditation and I’m going to continue to work with it to improve my health. Visualizing wellness was in empowering for me. Maintaining a positive mental outlook and having future goals is important for regaining health.
Feel deeply, then erase
To completely relax and sink in felt great. Ready for the day ahead. Namaste.
Perhaps with practice & repetition?
I tried the 3minute version but due to my levels of pain I felt it difficult to focus and no better at the end. I think I would need to do the longer version when in less pain to see if practice is beneficial.
Feel and then, let go
Pain is an important part of life, as it helps us reshape the person that we are and who we ought to become... but dont let pailinger within yourself, as it could wither your soul. Instead, just feel the pain, and let go.
Sinking In
I learned that sinking Inyo my body felt good and reassuring. Even though there is pain, I can still feel good in my body.
Reflect in pain is a blessing
I learned that instead of ignoring the pain, listen to it and acknowledge, and give myself permission to forgive and move forward. ♥️
I learnt that by giving myself permission to feel the pain actually helps release the pain. I do want to practice this every day. Thsnk you Irene. I love how you present your meditations 💞
Replace the pain
I’m fortunate to have minimal pain. I like the idea of embracing then replacing- hope this helps all the many chronic pain sufferers. Namaste
I noticed I was able to sink deeper into my body and it felt good.
Lessening Pain
As I went deeper into the meditation, the pain diminished. It was wonderful! Namaste.