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Overcoming Negativity Bias

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
Have ever noticed that it seems like negative thoughts just linger? Research in neuroscience has shown that the brain tends to react more strongly to negative stimuli. This is called negativity bias. Once you learn what the negativity bias is and understand how it may affect your daily life, you can begin to take steps to overcome this and focus more on the positives you experience.
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11 reflections
Very interesting: move to positivity bias
I learned that we need to focus on gratitude each and hopefully change our daily thinking to remove us from the negativity bias
Balancing Emotions
I learned that even though I had lots of challenges throughout my day. I faced them and moved gracefully through prayer and breathe work. I also reminded myself how far I’ve come and how blessed I am to be here today.
This is normal
I learned that negativity bias had a purpose and is part of a vigilant self protection system rather than something I’m just not trying hard enough to change.
How True
The negativity bias is so ingrained in me. Well it’s my default mindset. I need to sustain being aware of this bias and put in check and context. Be mindful.
jess 🧡
negativity bias
before this meditation, i had no idea what a negativity bias was. i learnt that as i have bad mental health days, just being able to identify that this is my negativity bias will help me a lot more, and instead to focus on the better things in life
This was very eye opening for me. This app has been more helpful for me than the therapist I have seen several times. Plus it helps me help my daughter also who has struggled due to illness.
Negativity Bias
We pay more attention to negative experiences than positive or neutral ones. Knowing this, I can redirect my mind through mindfulness, when I find myself entering into a negativity bias about a situation.
Negative Bias
This is something I’ve had for a long time. Recently I’ve tried to become more aware and this session helped me understand the ‘Why’. The listing of grateful things is something I will try to do to re educate my brain.
Wow! This explains so much!
This negativity bias explanation is so eye-opening to me! I always wondered why we always get more or stronger negative feedback than positive in many situations at work or elsewhere. And I love the suggestions on how to break negativity bias through awareness and not judging these feelings, just acknowledging and moving on instead of reacting.
Sad yet needed:
Negativity has a positive construct, (do something or else)
So true!
It’s awful when the negative thoughts take over. I very often tend to dwell and then wind up overthinking. I’ve been trying to catch myself and try to change my mindset. The daily gratitude journal has been helpful for sure!
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