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Out of Our Heads & into Our Hearts

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
Stress, anxiety and depression can get us stuck in our heads and out of the body - in particular our hearts. This short practice guides our attention from thoughts back to the heart - the home of the soul. With daily practice, we can rewire our ability to live in connection to our true selves
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Lonely heart
Separation. Divorce. Broken heart. It is finally sinking in. I wish I had more distractions to cover up the hurt, embarrassment, and loneliness. I failed at marriage. Now my heart longs for love, friendship, and companionship. My heart is heavy with loss, grief and sorrow for what could have been. Hope for the future is what keeps me dreaming the future will be different.
Lost and broken
I’ve been gone on some of California’s largest wildfires, during the time I was gone I was fighting to try and keep the girl of my dreams because her parents hate me over a mistake I made. I said something out of my feelings that I didn’t mean to say. Since that, I haven’t really cared much for coming back home, because it feels like i don’t have a place where I belong anymore. Like it wouldn’t matter if I ever came back or not.
Be the best version of you
Don’t try to be perfect, don’t judge yourself. Keep practicing and you will become better 😄
After a difficult night last night with family conflict, this meditation helped to connect with my own heart and self-soothe. We can always connect with our own hearts, which will tell us our needs in that moment, if only we take the time to pause and allow it to speak.
Coming Home
There are a lot of us walking around through life so stuck in the clouds of our heads that we do not realize that there is an entire body connected below our head. Connecting with our body, most notably with our heart, we get out of our heads and open our awareness to receive wisdom. In this meditation, Jaisa has us practice coming home to our heart, the place of our soul. Getting comfortable, I brought my awareness to my heart space. Breathing in and out of this space, I began feeling my heartbeat pulsate throughout my body. Each time thoughts began to interfere with this connection, I brought my awareness back to my heart. Visualizing the color green flowing from my heart space, I felt a strong connection begin to form. As Jaisa stopped talking, she gave me some time to just be with this strong connection and listen. Listening, I was able to come home and sense what my heart was telling me. Listening, I felt sensations of gratitude for the doors and avenues that have already been opened for me. Listening, I felt a strong knowing that I am doing everything that is within my power to bring healing to my beautiful boy, Montee. Listening, I felt sensations of overall well-being and goodness. After the meditation was over, I wasn’t ready to leave this connection just yet. So, I began introducing a beautiful white light flowing into my heart with each new breath. As this white light filtrated throughout my entire body, I felt the power of my soul awaken. Coming home, I see Love, I hear Love, I feel Love, I taste Love and I smell Love. Coming home, I Am Love. Our heart contains some 40,000 neurons. Getting out of our own way, we strengthen the highways between our heart and brain. Through this practice of coming home, these highways become so imprinted that we will live from our heart, the place of our soul. Living from this place, we soon realize that Love is all there is. Because, in reality, We Are Love. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
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