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Opening Up to Financial Abundance

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Alex Dudgon
Inner Peace, Wisdom & Empowerment Coach
Financial abundance can help us provide for our family, spend more time doing what we love, give us security and help us create beauty in the physical realm. Not to mention more time to explore the spiritual one. In this meditation, we will unblock abundance blockages using gratitude, affirmations, the law of attraction, and more. I hope you love this meditation.
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Tiger 1
I felt complete with this meditation.
This is the first time I could actually visualize financial abundance. I learned about releasing the notion, belief, thought or feeling that financial abundance is elusive or beyond my reach. It has alway been within my reach, and I now am able to release and fully accept financial abundace to me and thru me. Thank you for this insightful message. ~Namaste
Financial Abundance
I learned that breathing deeply is really effective for relaxation. And when I’m relaxed it’s easier to be more positive. I need to work on visualization, being able to remember affirmations to repeat them, and keeping my mind focused on the meditation itself. My mind wanders a lot.