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Opening to Pleasant Experiences

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Carla-Jo Geraghty
Mindfulness Teacher and Mentor
Opening to pleasant experiences allows you to begin to strengthen the parts of your brain that create and notice the sensations of pleasure and happiness. This meditation can help you to create a sense of open hearted calm. Please note: If you are struggling with your mental health it's really important to seek professional help. These meditations are not a substitute for that but can be used along side therapy to help to support you. For more on Carla-Jo and her work please see
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Opening to pleasant experiences
We can always find something pleasant in our experience. This is something that my meditation teacher told me and that I love to explore and be curious around. Whilst sat in a hospital waiting room last week I chose to explore this further. At first it seemed there wasn’t anything pleasant but as I began to first settle my mind by focusing on my breath I then expanded my awareness outwards to see if there was anything pleasant. And there hands were resting on my lap, I felt a warmth and a comforting sense of connection. The sense of my jumper resting on my skin felt soft. I exchanged a few smiles with passers by and I felt a sense of common humanity. So often we miss the small pleasant experiences and yet there they are just waiting to help us feel more calm and happy. Enjoy my meditation and explore what pleasant experiences are arising in your may be surprised ☺️❤️
Pleasant experience
Wonderful reminder to stop and notice even the smallest of pleasant experiences in our every day life. Loved this short meditation.
Pleasant Experience
Thank you for showing me how easy it is to find something pleasant to focus on while meditating. Simplicity is always best!🙏🏻
I wasn’t expecting that to work so well but that was great. It’s always nice to pick up another tool for meditation.
Walter J
Well it must have been relaxing & pleasant, because it was long over when I woke up! I will admit I was lying down instead of sitting up like she suggested. Last thing I remember, I was smiling at a pleasant thought but could not tell you hat it was. May have to try this one sitting up next time... ❤️🙄🍀
Simple Pleasures
Before listening to this meditation, I have been sitting outside in our backyard enjoying a cup of coffee in one of my many favorite mugs. It is a foggy morning which I always love especially if I am out hiking. There is something enchanting about it to me. The birds are chirping and a woodpecker is pecking into a tree. As I close my eyes and take a deep breath in, my lungs fill with the cool Spring air. Everything going on around me is becoming heightened in my senses. It is a beautiful morning.🐦🌳🌻😌
Lost in Breath
Every day there are pleasant experiences happening all around us, such as feeling a nice breeze cooling us on a hot day or listening to birds sing their unique song. The list of these pleasant experiences is endless. Unfortunately, we can miss a lot of these pleasant experiences because we are lost in thought a lot of the time. We are too busy and are in auto-pilot. Whatever the reason may be, we miss these wonderful experiences. In this wonderful meditation, we take some time to open ourselves to some pleasant experiences. Doing this gives us a sense of gratitude for the little things in our life. Sitting in my chair, I began to be aware of my inner body. Sensing what was happening within, I realized that my jaw was slightly throbbing. I realized my shoulders were tense. Before I could begin to make a story about these uncomfortable sensations, Carla-Jo reminded me about the importance of being nonjudgmental and the allowance of letting whatever was happening to just be. Switching gears, I began to be aware of pleasant sensations that were happening. Immediately, I went to my breath and began noticing how it felt to just be breathing. The simple pleasure of sensing the coolness of the air entering my nostrils and the slightly warmer air exiting my nostrils with each breath gave me gratitude for air, itself. The simple pleasure of sensing my chest and belly rise and fall with each breath gave me gratitude for my body. The simple pleasure of knowing I share this air with all of life on Earth gave me gratitude for the connectivity that glues us all together. Being lost in breath for a time gave me gratitude for life, itself. Taking some time to be open to the pleasant experiences happening all around us gives us a new sense of joy in our life. Go ahead...try it and find out! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I have warm feet!
Cold feet are not the worst thing that could happen in my life, but they sure do make it harder to deal with the other stuff.
Pleasure of the Small Moments
I learned today that opening your mind to a certain sensation really helps to calm me.
Pleasant Experiences
Opening ourselves to pleasant experiences allows us to strengthen the parts of our brain that create and notice the sensations of pleasure and happiness. Focusing on my breathing, my mind went back to our trip last weekend. We were driving along a country road with the windows down. With my eyes closed, I inhaled deeply the scent of fresh cut grass along with the fresh air. This brings me calm and happiness. It was nice to focus on this pleasant experience to start my day off with. To add to the good vibrations I am feeling, I am going to go do some yoga. May your day be filled with experiences that bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.
Carla-Jo, wonderful! I chose to concentrate on my hands, touch and strength, power and sensation! Manufacture! Thanks.
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