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Open Your Heart Chakra

7 Min
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Amy Kerman-Gutzmer
Yoga & Infinite Possibilities Teacher
This meditation helps us to create subtle shifts to open our heart chakra a little at a time. The theme of the heart chakra is love and compassion. If we've been hurt in the past or are experiencing grief, the heart chakra can become unbalanced. When we are able to open the heart chakra, we feel more self-accepting, trusting, compassionate, and filled with hope. You don't need to have any experience or knowledge of the chakras to open your heart chakra.
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First time !
I’ve been doing research on chakras and auras. I knew meditation was a great way to work them, but I haven’t jumped into it until today because I want to learn before practice. It was nice hearing things I’ve researched mentioned in this session. Made it all the more meaningful to me. Can’t wait to do it again and dig deeper !
This practice will take time, but with reassuring words in the meditation I feel better that I’m not there yet and will improve. Thank you.
Short but effective.
Energy flows where the focus goes. Simple but powerful. Love learning about and focusing on the different chakras.