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Open Choiceless Awareness

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
This meditation cultivates our ability to step further back into open awareness as we observe non-judgmentally where the minds attention is - wherever it is - be the body, mind or breath.
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Beach fire
The oceans glisten my body is taken into my own one form as form and form complete
I’ve been constantly stressing myself out with school and work. I was able to take time to relax and let my mind take breather. To clear out all thoughts and focus simply on one thing.
The Mindful Soul
I learned that to be more aware of my thoughts and what is happening and going on around me , and not let my thoughts go through the other way to keep them at bay and let them be still .
My personality
A favorite a vain lie! The telling of truth I did in secret made sense of devils inside
Being aware
As my mind landed on what my tasks to do for the day were, I became very aware that these are the thoughts I carry with me into relaxation, meditation, and even sleep. I o my think that I am able to put them aside, but as I normally focus on breathing during meditation, I became aware during this meditation that my mind does wander to these daily tasks. When, how, what comes up during my meditation time often.
This is a meditation I will choose again when I have a wandering mind. Instead of focusing attention on our breath the practitioner encourages letting the mind wander wherever it chooses to go and simply pay attention to where it roams.
Open Awareness
In this meditation, you acknowledge what you are focusing on, be it a thought, on your breath, or something else and acknowledge it without judgement. You are simply being in the moment. Thank yourself for cultivating open choiceless awareness. Namaste! 🙏🏻
Indeed, the key to peace in my heart is gratitude. I give thanks for each day of my life, for health, family, and friends.
Walter J
My awareness was most active! It went from acknowledging a noisy old computer motor noise in my room, to the wind outside, to summer vacation, tennis shoes, hiking, ticks, pick up trucks, bandanas & beaches... then she spoke & brought me back into my room and the noisy computer. This was certainly different than trying to focus on something like your breathe and worthy of another round or three of practices! ❤️🙏🍀
I don’t think I was ready to attempt this one yet. My natural thoughts are still far too dark to let my mind wander.
Open mind
Focusing on my breath helped illuminate my focus and outlook on the day ahead. Feeling ready to conquer today 💜
Choiceless Awareness
In this meditation, we take a step back and become curious observers to whatever our mind is focusing on, whether it be our surroundings, sensations in our body, our thoughts, or our breath. While reading the book, Meta Human by Deepak Chopra in bed last night, he speaks of a phrase that I knew I had heard before by listening to a meditation, choiceless awareness. thought behind choiceless awareness, according to Chopra, is letting the choice to happen on its own. In other words, we let our awareness to happen on its own. It is a hard concept to wrap our head around where our lives are filled with endless choices. However, when we are in the state of choiceless awareness, we are essentially allowing life to flow. We are allowing ourselves to ‘just be’ ourselves, without judgement. While listening to this meditation, my mind went from thoughts, to my breath, to my thoughts and back to my breath. In this way, I was ‘just being’. In the state of choiceless awareness, I experienced a sense of freedom of allowing every experience I had to be one thing. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Walter J
I learned I can have a lot of blank time with no noticeable thoughts, which I have enjoyed over the years - typically when working in my gardens. I landed on my garage for a bit and then the table in the front room (which are both on my to do list). But mostly just floated around mindlessly observing the landscape of life! And I am ok with that, no pressures, no guilt, but also no smiles, no joys, just ‘being’. Guess that is what could be truly called the ‘Non-Judgement Zone’! Ok place to visit, but not sure I would want to stay there for ever. I think I enjoy my PMA zone more!! Interesting though... 💚__🍀
Really interesting to see where the mind naturally wants to focus and go on its own.
I found myself focusing on relaxing my muscles. I started with the legs and moved up the body.
I noticed my thoughts focusing on my body, particularly my aches and pains. I guess that’s what’s been bothering me lately. This meditation was enjoyable because it allowed me to observe my thoughts as they came offering a sense of release. Often I judge my thoughts and try to suppress them because they cause anxiety. I then turn to unproductive ways of coping by mindlessly eating! I will revisit this meditation when I have thoughts that I try to hide from.
Jaisa, fascinating! Open, aware observation of the mind at play! Dancing thoughts! Thanks.
Open awareness
This was a good lesson that it can be a good experience to let the mind wander rather than just focus on one thing. I experienced one particular nice memory from first grade and then conjured up a scene of walking effortlessly in the snowy woods.