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Open Awareness

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Carla-Jo Geraghty
Mindfulness Teacher and Mentor
In this meditation we open our awareness to become vast like the sky, allowing both pleasant unpleasant experiences to appear and disappear without getting attached to them or judging them. Resting in each moment as it arises, we’re not trying to get anywhere…we are just witnessing with a soft, gentle, kind awareness all that passes by. Practicing this we can cultivate a sense of calm and clarity. Please note: If you are struggling with your mental health it's really important to seek professional help. These meditations are not a substitute for that but can be used alongside therapy to help to support you. For more on Carla-Jo and her work please see www.carlajo-mindfulness.com
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30 reflections
First day.
I am feeling down today. Taking a few minutes has helped though I still don't feel very motivated. On with the day. Push on through.
I feel Its not working for me yet. I dont know what to do about it.
I loved how peaceful I became after only one session. I feel much happier and less stressed already.
I learnt that Ivan space myself from disturbing sounds . It was relaxing an breathing went well
Nice little session.
Thank you Lyndi! I appreciate the short sessions sometimes!
Learning better habits
Peace of mind takes practice. It doesn’t come all at once.
Awareness, things come and they go
If I allow every sense to come, and since they all pass as well, allow them to pass, then I can become a clear space. An open sky. My frame of awareness can be naturally clear and all things that come will go too. I can be a witness, a window
Huge spiders covered in scales bleeding buzzing and scalding my way into your heart hello
Nice exploration of noticing sounds, sensations and thoughts and just letting them go. Learning to let go of any distraction is my biggest challenge. Slowly I am noticing positive change in that I can let go and not let all these distractions bother me at times. I am more mindful and perhaps that is my greatest ally.
You’re gonna die.
Our society is on tilt right now. It always has been, but the addition of social media and the internet has put it on an even more grand scale. What do you believe in? Not what you were told to believe in, not the beliefs that you kinda/sorta follow, no. What is tried and true in your life? You’re not being yourself. This fear of being judged or of someone calling you out or making fun of you is so ludicrous it’s almost funny. How do you value the opinions off others so much to the point where you’re not even comfortable saying how you feel? Do you think you need to be right ALL the time? Be yourself at all cost. It forces you to do and be what so many people in todays society are afraid of being, wrong. Be wrong. Literally, if you learn to embrace being wrong by being yourself you learn about not only yourself but about life much faster. You learn more by trying, not over thinking and being tolerated. Gain power over yourself by being yourself. Die on your own sword.
Letting thoughts come and go
Just as thoughts come into your head, they can also easily leave.
Slowing down
I learned that just 3 minutes can start my day on the right plane
Sounds and thoughts relate
Sounds come and go as thoughts do, I’ve never thought of it that way before
I learned that I have to let my thoughts come and go as they do naturally. This meditation helped me to realize that I don’t have to get attached to certain thoughts. This helps me to know that I don’t have to react or let particular thoughts determine my mood. For today, my goal is to let the good thoughts stay and the bad thoughts drift on by.
First day
Meditation really helps your body’s stress. and helps it calm down
Open awareness
I can be with my eyes closed and not be preparing for sleep. Instead, focusing then letting go of what is currently swirling around me and through me - sounds, thoughts, sensations. What remains is solid, centered, and ready to move forward into my day. Namaste
letting go
being able to not attach yourself to things in the past and things that will only negatively impact you is so much easier than we let ourselves believe. we will never experience the same things twice exactly, don’t take advantage of these good things that happen to us daily. be aware.
Mellow Monday 2-12-18
Considering I just got up and I am starting my meditation for the day, my one fur baby want to pay attention and the other wants to play. I am supposed to listen to all sounds around me. My other fur babies (cats) want my attention by walking at my feet and I got to laugh. A truck goes by. There is no quietness. Finally, just as I have it down, the session is over. Than you, Aura! Have a nice day Everyone!😀
Day 2:
Through meditation u can become a better you every day you do them.
I have become more peaceful. Just letting thoughts go and not holding onto them
I learned how much I need to learn to forgive myself both in meditative practices and in life.
Let that shit go
I learned that all the noises around me as well as my thoughts all come and go.
Calm down and notice the beauty around you
If you just talk a second of your day to just take a step out of the reality of the world and all the negative in the world and take a moment to notice the positive your get a more open perspective of just how great life is. Be open to everything around out and let yourself go.
I have always been pretty good about listening and being there with all of the sounds around me without issues. I do struggle with very loud or irritating noises though. I just can not find a way to let those flow and not have them mess with my head. Also if we’re driving and I’m listening to music but BOTH of my kids decide they’re going to play stuff on their phones that literally makes my head go crazy and I can’t stop it. I’m not sure if this can help or not but I’ll keep on working on it if it will help with my sanity along with my peace of mind! 😁 Thank you
I learned that mindfulness is about the present. Not the past or the future
Things and people can come and go. That doesn’t mean that they get to hold you back. You maybe stuck on a relationship or a project but it’ll eventually pass and that’s ok.
Letting go
People don’t define me. They don’t get to dictate my worth or my mind, that is mine and mine alone. I have no obligation from anyone else to listen to the things they say about me, and I can choose to only listen to the good not the evil. I am letting go of this person, and I will be free from their chains.
Feeling relax
I feel really relax & calm & write my journal laying on the couch & listening to relaxing music & drink some hot tea
I feel the peace of just being here in this world. Everything comes and goes, we don’t need to track all of it. Just the moments that matter.
Cyndee 🌊
Very 😌 !!!
I’m feeling very relaxed after this meditation and after a long night at work. My neck and shoulders have been hurting a lot lately and I’m wondering if this is just part of getting older or the result of a couple of really bad falls at work that injured my right shoulder and didn’t heal properly. I feel like my shoulders are slumping and pulling on muscles and tendons in my neck and it looks like there’s some swelling.😔This relaxing meditation really helped a lot but I think I might have to do something more. 🙏
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