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Observing Your Thoughts

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Amy Kerman-Gutzmer
Yoga & Infinite Possibilities Teacher
We often get wrapped up in our own thoughts. It is estimated that we can have over 6000 thoughts in a day, some that we think over and over and don't even realize. Thoughts can become a part of us to where we forget we can change our thoughts, especially if they are unwanted or negative. This short meditation helps us to become an observer of our own thoughts and helps us to remember that we are not our thoughts. It's an exercise you can use and take with you anytime unwanted thoughts appear.
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4 reflections
Not my thoughts
I learned that my thoughts are not a permanent fixture of who I am. They can be observed and changed. This will help me in the future. Thank you.
jess 🧡
During this meditation I learnt that my thoughts do not define me. Yes, everyone has thousands of thoughts each day, however we cannot let that stop us from our inner most dreams and aspirations. Thoughts are just thoughts :)
jess 🧡
we are not our thoughts
thank you. i really needed this reminder after having a really bad day filled with negative thoughts.
jess 🧡
observing thoughts
today i had a very busy day and with that many thoughts came into my mind. at this moment i was able to let them all go and calm down the mind
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