Once I was able to relax, I noticed the sounds of chirping birds. I also became aware of this sounds peopin the next room, the soft feel of the couch on which I am Sitting, and the site of wei Mill a wooden shelving unit. It was not until I started writing this reflection then I realize I was supposed to be aware what came into my mind. This practice is about Nonjudgmentally observing thoughts, without attempting to change them. I was confused and originally thought this meditation was designed to help those who did it become more observant of their external surroundings. it was also a challenge to let go of judgements particularly of others. Given the misconception I had about the purpose of this meditation I am grateful for the people Who work for this app for showing me is your skills I need to work on. Thank you for putting this track together. Thank you also to the community on this app for taking the time to read this post. I hope everyone is ok ,happy, and well