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Nourish and Detox with the Breath

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
By cultivating intention and attention we can use the inhale and exhale to nourish and detox the physical, energetic, and spiritual body.
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Bring on the day!
I’ve had a bad day so far and I’m feeling unproductive. I’ve just had a cold shower and had this meditation, so now I feel unstoppable! :)
Annemarie _16
I learned that Bad days Happen To everyone and It’s Okay to let out your feelings to people and it’s Okay to Let it out your Tears
I learned to remember that you can nourish and detox your body with a couple deep breaths in and out. The breaths in nourish your body with energy, oxygen, and anything helpful to your body and brain. The breaths out release the stuff not useful to the body or brain such as CO2, problems, thoughts, etc.
I feel great, this app has helped me soo much! I feel like I can conquer the world, I just need those few minute to rebalance myself. 😊
Annemarie _16
Nourish and detox
I learned that it’s okay to let a tear out once in awhile and let out what we’re feeling
Nourish and Detox
What a simple.way to let go of what doesn't serve you and bring in things that do. You cannot fill a full cup and if you are full of worries and stess and toxins, then you have no room for the things that nourish you.
Each day I learn a little more about myself and let go what doesn’t serve me anymore
I’ve learned to let go and take in more gratitude and positive thoughts energy and refocus when stressed
Nourish & Detox
Very quick, effective & calming! You might find things are bothering you & you didn't even realize it! Or your "negativity" stems from something much bigger! Life happens...good & bad days-Pleasant & unpleasant things. Its called living life on life's terms. It can be mental, emotional, physical, or anything in between. We need to face it head on with tools like this! Not just ignore it, & hope it goes away. Inhale all the gratitude, good & positivity. Then exhale all the toxicity, negativity & fear. Learn to hand it over to your Higher Power, when it's out of your control. Or do something about it when it's in your control.
Not exactly
What I was looking for this morning. Today I take my nearly new MacBook to the Apple Store to try and bring it back to life after an attempted update of the operating system caused it to stop working entirely! 🥺
One Breath at a Time
When we go through stressful situations, our entire body can get bottled up with tension. In this simple, yet powerful meditation, we intentionally use our breath to nourish and detox our body. I began focusing on my breathing. Breathing in this life force energy and light, feeding and nourishing my cells with this amazing energy and light, a sense of aliveness overcame me. Breathing out and visualizing gray smoke for everything that no longer serves me, my body began to feel a little lighter. Even though I still feel a great deal of tension in my body, specifically my heart and my shoulders, I know that in due time, I will be able to release this tension eventually by taking one breath at a time. Namaste...❤️☮️🙏🏻
New start
I am so happy and grateful that I have an opportunity to start again today. For new friends, for old loves, I start anew. And the goals Iay out shall be met.
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