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Notice Your Manifestations!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
Notice the small manifestations beginning to take root in your life. Many of you are looking around for your manifestations and not giving enough airplay to what is manifesting for you right now. When you make this a habit, the Universe will begin to respond with more and soon you`ll have everything that you desire. Cheers!
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Just the lil things
We have such a habit of not including the smaller wins in our manifestations. I’ve learned (because we are manifesting all day) to be grateful not only the manifestations on our lists but also the ‘breadcrumbs’ that lead up the “bigger” ones. They are huge too!!! I’m sure the happier we are about those more like that will COME!!! Loved this session!❤️❤️
I have manifested my past events and I am responsible for my present and my future. Such a wonderful life lesson. You talk about mushrooming and I really appreciate that. To focus on those seedlings is such a wise thing to do. I am going to start noticing and acknowledging all the tiny ways my life is evolving. Thank you Tina. Thank you so much.
And I spelled Teena incorrectly in my last message x
I sometimes ignore the obvious. I will try to be more present and congratulate myself for every small move in the right direction and learn from every step that leads me in a circle on non growth.
Yessssssss! 😀
I love your laugh, Teena! I laugh with you! Notice my manifestations. Gotcha. I can't be desperate or running around trying to make them happen. Thinking I'm helping them come to fruition. The universe has this! Great suggestion to let the universe know that I see it, and I'm receiving signs already! I truly believe you, Teena, when you say that anything you teach will happen. It already is and has! I'm a true believer. I can feel it. Today I'm at a much higher vibration than most days. It feels so great! The only thing that could top it off tonight would be a luxurious bath with my Dr. Teal's lavender epsom salts. I think I may have one candle in the house. But it's all good!!!!! Do you know, I had that bag of salts for a year or two? You inspired me to take a bath about a month ago. It was kind of funny because I set it up, right? Well, my first nice thick bath towel fell in the tub. So, I used it for my head during the bath! Then I get comfy, and the candle goes out. For good. Also, I had poured a nice drink to have during my bath. I spilled it all over the floor. But I'm a positive person. I kept going! I was in the dark in the tub just loving it. Loving myself up! My big gift I received at the end was not ever having shoulder aches again from an old injury. I didn't realize until a few days later that my entire body responded to that bath. I love you, Teena. I have a big, fat pot of homemade chicken soup simmering on the stove right now. Comfy clothes. Not a care in the world. Life is good!!! I hope that right now you are laughing, smiling, happy, and filled with joy!! Doing something you love. I know one thing. You love what you do. You love your life! You've changed mine in so many ways already. I'm sending you a big, tight hug and all the intentions I can muster for you to always live in abundance and joy. Thank you Teena Jones. 💐🌺🌷🌹🌻
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