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Notice the Effect of Thoughts

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided meditation exercise invites the listener to notice the different effect different thoughts can have on our body. By focusing on different thoughts, and noticing how the body responds to these thoughts, we can become aware of how our thinking affects how we feel.
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11 reflections
My body is greatly impacted by stress. In particular the stress response to be in an unhealthy relationship for 21 years and 4 years of a high conflict divorce. I now can feel pain and identify what stressor is the cause. I like to joke that my tension headaches began when I moved in with my ex husband and left when he left. Now it’s time I took control of those negative thoughts
I learned I can take control of my thoughts to think positive and calm mindset.
I loved the content. Very insightful. Helped so much. I do wish her voice was a bit softer.
Thoughts and feelings
I’m always fascinated when I do exercises like this and it’s made clear to me the direct impact of thoughts on how I feel. Great reminder to carry!
Contracting and releasing
With negative/stressful thoughts I felt my body shrinking inwards, when using all is well I felt the tensions release and my breathing become steady and calm and my shoulders drop
Meditation makes me
The meditation allows me to take focus of my body, breathe and some control. However it also makes me aware of my physical sensations at the same
Releasing the illusion of control
When I thought about having so much to do and so little time to do it, I felt a feeling of tightening my grip on everything, I felt my chest tighten first, then an all over sense of trying to hang on with my entire body. It was an instant shift from feeling a bit blah to stressed. When I thought “all is well” I released the tension, I just let go and trusted that no matter what, things will be okay. A huge sense of relief washed over me. I’ve had a tension headache for two days now. I’ll be interested to note if it dissipates some after this.
Thoughts affect feelings. Instead of saying too much to do but not enough time, I affirm that all is well.
My Shoulders Feel the Negative Thoughts
Clearly my shoulders tighten when burdened with negative thoughts. I’ll take that strain as a signal to meditate with the mantra All is Well. This mantra allows me to regain a healthy perspective.
Notice the effects of thoughts
Differed thoughts just thoughts create different feelings when facing the same situations Be aware of that through this medication experiment
Noticing Thoughts
I learned that thoughts affect how we feel. My chest tightens, my feet start to twitch, and my shoulders go up when I think about now having enough time with more work The opposite is true when I think happy thoughts. My eyes brightens, my face lightens, my head starts to pull my body up, and my smile grows into a Mona Lisa smile. I will start noticing how my body reacts to the thoughts I have
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