18 min

Nothingness Meditation

18 Min
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Cory Cochiolo
Hypnotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Join me in this very gentle guided meditation into Nothingness. Most meditations use to focus on the breath, or a count, or visualization, in this meditation we just do nothing and be! Just be in a space of peace with no requirement other than being at peace doing nothing but sitting and being alive!
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Just Being with Me
Sitting in an upright position, I closed my eyes to the outside world and welcomed my inner world. Noticing my breath and where I felt the breath in my body allowed me to just be with me. No intentions. No visualizations. Just being with me. What a wonderful way to begin my day! Thank you! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Thank you Cory for your stillness meditations, for guiding me in emptying out the deep corners of my mind. It allows me to clear out the everyday noise that gets in the way of hearing what God is whispering.
Quiet, calm meditation. Relaxed my body and mind. It felt good to have nothing on my mind, or having intrusive thoughts.