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Not Accepting Anger

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
It's so easy to get sucked into other people's emotions and dramas but do we really need to? Listen to this classic story originally told by the Buddha to understand that actually, we don't have to accept these unwanted gifts.
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Not Accepting Anger
I am quite good at this in a customer service setting. I just realized that I need to bring that skill into my personal life. Amazing that never occurred to me in all these years! So nice that we can keep learning throughout our lives! My Aura app has been acting up lately. Took me 5 or 10 minutes to get it to play. I’d have been annoyed with any other app. Instead of getting upset, I just kept trying.
Wisdom About Anger 😡
His Holiness the Dalai Lama said, “Feelings of anger and hatred arise from a mind that is troubled by dissatisfaction and discontent. So you can prepare ahead of time by constantly working toward building inner contentment and cultivating kindness and compassion. This brings about a certain calmness of mind that can help prevent anger from arising in the first place. And then when a situation does arise that makes you angry, you should directly confront your anger and analyze it. Investigate what factors have given rise to that particular instance of anger or hatred. Then, analyze further, seeing whether it is an appropriate response and especially whether it is constructive or destructive. And you make an effort to exert a certain inner discipline and restraint, actively combating it by applying the antidotes: counteracting these negative emotions with thoughts of patience and tolerance.”
Not Accepting Anger
This story was an excellent reminder that I can choose what I take on as my own baggage. I don’t have to accept someone else’s but I still may be impacted by it in someway.
Not Accepting Anger
I have always adored Buddha’s stories. This is a great one. People who bring : Bitterness Anger Irrational Deceiving Condescending Insidious ... thanks but no thank you.
Unwanted “gifts”
If someone gives a gift the recipient doesn’t like, I think it’s rude to refuse the gift. I’ve always tried to appreciate the gesture and then give the item to someone who does actually want it. Here the idea is not to accept someone’s anger. In a situation today where someone was rude to me, I didn’t stoop to her level. I think she was upset at something else, but lashed out at me. I will try not to question the motives of others but will consider behavior. I tried to politely help her. I don’t have to be her friend.
I felt like after hearing this story that it was almost identical to what young Jedi go through when learning how to become warriors of peace. And the words in this story is true, “One persons anger, doesn’t have yours as well like someone’s gift. You can leave it with them.”
“You don’t have to accept an unwanted gift. You can leave it with the person who brought it to you.” This story reaffirms this concept. It has taken me many years to understand that I don’t have to accept another’s gift of anger, negativity or even righteousness. Now that I have internalized this wisdom, my life is more peaceful. I no longer suffer with internal agitation from all the unwanted gifts that I once accepted. 🙏🦋🙏
Choosing not to accept negativity
I often find that I can be easily influenced be people’s negative emotions, allowing them to change or manipulate my own. This was a good reminder that those feelings are in fact not my own and I can choose to leave negativity with the person displaying it. I do not have to accept it as my own or let it influence me.
Not Accepting Anger
You do not have to accept the worries, anger , frustration, or negative emotions into your life. Protect and surround yourself with positivity.
Don’t allow others to bring you down with their anger or negativity
I have learned that we can choose to not / accept those things that disturb our energy. That choosing is a voice all it's own.
Not Accepting Anger
I see that I reflected.of this meditation a year ago. Once again, I needed this reminder that I do not have to accept the gifts of other people's emotions.
Buddha Story- You don't have to accept the gift of anger
No thank you. I do not not want that anger. Your anger. My anger. You cannot come into my home.
I understand but not
I realize I don’t have to take on someone’s anger, but what is it’s me that’s angry. This doesn’t doesn’t concern or affect me.
I do really struggle because I take in others emotions. I need to remember that those are not mine you accept if I choose to