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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
This meditation can help you be free of negativity and have an open mind about you, people and life in general. There is a saying "in the expert's mind, there are only few possibilities, but in the beginner's mind there are many". Often our prejudgements and past conditioning can come in the way of experiencing life as truly it is. We can become so caught up in our head about how we should be, how others should be and how life should be - we can miss living life completely. This meditation is about seeing things with fresh eyes and mindset, even the ones we consider to be bad. We see with open mind and new possibilities. "A rose is a rose is a rose" - Gertrude Stein
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Sounds are just simply that, sounds. If we just let them be as they are, we can find peace.
🌼Judge 🌺Judging🌺Judgement🌼
I am sitting here Relaxing Meditating Remembering Thinking. I’m counting my Blessings and I am being Thankful. I am very Outgoing I Love to Talk Text Email Post Call. I know when to Lend an Ear to Listen. Give a Shoulder to Lean on. Give a hug for comfort and happiness. Give Tears for Emotion. Give Advice or Opinion when I asked. I am a Good Friend. I know how to put People in their Place if needed good Or bad Or right Or wrong Or nicely Or blunt Depending on the Situation. I Have been judged a lot. So I have learned not to be judgmental. I Love Happiness God My Marriage Family Friends Church Events Neighbors Community Event Harmony Peace People that are Good to My Children. I’m here for My Aura Family.
Deliberate 👂
I like deliberately listening to the sounds and being OK with them. At first the sound of cars going by bothered me because I had the window cracked a little, so I close the window and then there was just a muffled sound of cars passing by. My breathing was gentle, smooth and relaxed, I didn’t really have to focus on the breathing. This is a good meditation to start the day or any time of day. I think I’ll make it a favorite👌😊
Acceptance as-is
Being mindful of what is, and how it is, even if we don’t know why. Namaste