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No Reply Anxiety

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This meditation is designed to help you let go of the anxiety associated with not receiving a reply from someone. It will help you to let go of the anxiety and come to peace with the situation at hand. 
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31 reflections
I experience this
I learned that I can't control others nor their replies. No need for me to worry about it. They will get back to me when they are free.
Everyone is busy
Like others it is easy to read an email or message and disregard it with an intention of getting back later
I am no different
I realized that I am not alone doubting myself and the words I chose in e.g. an email or text. I am no different than the rest of the crowd, we are all busy in life and in our minds
Stopping thoughts
Creating fantasies was a way I coped with abuse. This meditation was great. It helped me let go of my creative thoughts & refocus on my current reality.
I overthink too much even without realizing it. I work myself up into anxiety that is unnecessary.
I need to stop overthinking so much, and remind myself that everything is alright
Zell out
Treasure a immortal balm give the prayer a fire a flame in cold baptism
Empathy relieves anxiety
I may not respond to an email ( or 3 or most of them) but thats no reflection of that individual or their worth
Finding myself
I can not control the actions of others only my own and if i am happy with who i am and how i treat others i will rely less on other people to make me happy.
Letting go
You have to let go of the past and try to stay present in the moment!
I realise I over think everything and the no reply couldn't have been more me. Of course people don't realise what it can do to the other person, all completely innocent.
Let it go...
Interesting that I received this session this morning. I've been anxiously awaiting word of a medical referral, and it came today in a roundabout way, which I was not expecting at all! Time to let that anxiety go now!
All that I perceive is my own making
Anxiety comes from within: I believe what I want to believe and cause myself undue stress. I cannot control what others do, but I can control how I feel on the inside.
Good advice
This was a good reminder that I can only control me. And that often I don’t reply right away either. Not because I am mad or upset but sometimes just because I am busy, etc. I am alright. I will be alright.
Everything will be alright. I need to relax and stay calm about things
I feel lonely. I do not have anyone who cares about how I feel. Every one around me feel the same.
I have no one to go to . No one I trust.I do not enjoy the things I used to anymore. Life is about making planned and executing it and spending the money I earned with out saving and still no one feeling happy. Endless bills is all I have left with.
This one was too specific and it took up my free meditation.
Way too specific
This meditation is apparently designed to deal with a specific kind of anxiety, around the fact that somebody hasn’t answered your email. I just didn’t find that helpful. Anxiety or stress, at least in my life, don’t tend to be about one specific issue, they’re more generalized, and a meditation that is more generalized helps me more. I actually found this one quite annoying
Out of control
This is exactly how i feel, that’s what makes me anxious, i can not control my thoughts and fear to die, i can not control whether my dad is going to lose its job or not. There are so many things that are out of my control, i need to accept it, embrace it. Things are the way they are and perhaps that’s ok too. What would it be like if we had to control every little aspect of our lives? Maybe it would be a whole lot worse, right? I hear some people saying that the fun thing about life is that it is unpredictable, and that could be for better or for worse. Some things are just out of my control.
i learned that my anxiety comes from overthinking and trying to fix things. this meditation may be specific but i interpreted it in a way to fit my anxiety.
I need to let go off things
I am the only one who can control my own thoughts and choose to be happy
You can’t control others
I really needed a meditation like this, reminding me that I can only control the way I feel and that I shouldn’t have expectations from others to behave the way I want them to.
No Reply Anxiety
Very helpful session! It can be disconcerting when no reply is forthcoming but I find that the best way to immunize myself from this possibility is to simply detach from the result. Another experience that mindfulness is very helpful in addressing is when people flag your posts as offensive or inappropriately out of context. In either case, I simply slip into the gap and wish them joy, peace and enlightenment. For me, this transforms the other person’s lack of response or inexplicable hostile resentment into an irrelevance that cannot touch me. My intent has always been to bring a little truth, hope and happiness to the reader in a sincere, honest and compassionate way. I freely acknowledge that I very often fail to do this. But I will never stop trying. I will never quit. Unfortunately, some people just don’t like hearing the truth. Perhaps they never will. My heart goes out to them. “Don't expect a free ride from no one Don't hold a grudge or a chip and here's why Bitterness keeps you from flying Always stay humble and kind” - Tim Mcgraw
No Reply Anxiety
This exercise helped me fight my anxiety and will be helpful in the long run .
No Reply Anxiety
I learned that this mediation was very beneficial to me. That I can’t control others I can only control myself and my reactions and thoughts. This meditation was very helpful for me and a great reminder as yesterday this happened and I let my anxiety get the best of me. This is a meditation that I will be doing more often and remembering as I go on in my life. Great start to my day! Namaste! 🤟🏼✌🏻
Self control
Seeing that I have no control over others only how I deal with them.
That’s what was going through my mind exactly why didn’t he reply right away lol crazy
Let it go I can’t control how other people react only how I react I am alright!!!!
Let go
Take a deep breath in, and let go as much air as possible. Most of our anxiety comes from the expectation of something happening in our lives... or rather, something that SHOULD happen. Often times, we grow anxious waiting for a response that never comes from someone. In this meditation, we are told that the other person might be busy... and even if the other person isnt, they dont owe us anything. Understand, at that point, to let go, not only of your breath, but of people and even things that dont edify you anymore.
No Reply Anxiety
I truly learned and noticed for the first time doing the whole activity and listen to it and participating in it it truly works
no reply anxiety
By participating in it and really listening to the message it truly works
No Reply Anxiety
This taught me to not jump to (scary) conclusions when I don’t hear back from my adult kids. I always assume there is something “wrong.” I need to realize they could be busy, driving, or just happily living their lives. It’s hard to let go. I need to remember I can only control myself—my actions and reactions. Thank you.
No Reply Anxiety
I’m getting better, I think, because I’m better able to recognize when a situation is similar to mine, but not exactly. This meditation can qualify for helping me with the fact that my relatives doesn’t really call me or try to allow me to be an active member of the family. The impetus is always on me. It has to be my motivation. Never mind thinking that I might like to have them call me or text me or return my correspondence. Everything always seems to be about what I’m not doing or saying. The barest effort is made on my behalf and I choose to forgive them for all of this because I’m the one who has to live with my body, mind, heart, soul. It’s attendant pains and enjoyments. Because if I don’t do it, no one else will, but being loved externally as well as internally is necessary for every non-psychopath in the world. I probably should look elsewhere for caring and being cared about more often, but I always feel like I crash and burn during every attempt to improve my life and circumstances. It’s really quite maddening because they aren’t allowed to just SAY that your disabilities make you incongruous as a candidate for hire. But you know that’s what it is. You know what they’re really saying, especially when you’ve jumped through a jungle gym with regard to your doctor’s input. Not getting a reply when you’re desperately looking for employment is very demoralizing, but now I can remember that others applied for the job, as well, and everything has to be planned out before they ever interview you, much less hire you. So, I’m taking a deep breath and remind myself that a reply at all is worth the wait, especially if it’s positive about interviewing and being hired.