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No One Can Hurt You Unless You Allow It

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
When we hurt it is because we have allowed someone to affect us negatively; to cause us harm, to feel doubt, fear, insecurity, or discouragement, when really each time that we experience someone's negativity, they are simply showing us their reaction, and their feelings and thoughts in that particular moment. How often do we allow others to hurt us? Your decision must be to step back, to step away from taking on whatever hurts may be directly or indirectly pointed at you. You wouldn't choose to be hurt. You would choose to be love and to feel loved. So begin with this. Become great at this. This is the ability to love yourself and to trust wholeheartedly in your goodness, your infinite power, your truth. with love Namaste!
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11 reflections
Not you
Always remember that how people treat you is a reflection of who they are. If they can’t treat you right, they can’t treat themselves right. It’s never about you. Love yourself always ❤️
This is a tough one
In theory, this meditation says all the right things! We know who, what and how we are. We are not others opinion of us. But it takes a bit of practice, at least for me, to be able to forgive and get past those hurtful words or deeds. But I’m working on it. 🌺
change of perspective
I noticed that this helped me see things from a different perspective. It helped me redirect my thoughts from frustration to more of an understanding of my frustrations. I feel like the next time something comes up that might make me feel angry, I can use what I learned from this and be more mindful about the situation.
Summertime Sadness
I feel sad.. My last relationship was a disaster and I can't move on. He did me wrong, 10 months ago I was happy I wish I could go back.
I can’t control what others did to hurt me. And just because they did the things they did doesn’t make them a monster there just as lost as I am
I learned that detaching from your control of others will benefit you from getting hurt. That hoping and wanting something for others is different than being upset when you don’t see the result, when ultimately they are in charge of their life, actions and attitude. I choose to believe that if something doesn’t happen as I thought it should have, that is okay, as I do not control others of the world as a whole. Things will happen as people choose them to or as they are meant to and identifying pain and suffering in others is important to forgiving them and yourself.
Understand the person being cruel
Know that people hurting you through their blunt and cruel words can come out from their own pain and you should try to help rather than focus on words
Accepting other's opinions non-reactively
Our mind is like a musical instrument. Throughout our lives, other musicians pluck the strings and strike notes in this beautiful instrument while we remain unaware of the potential of this instrument all this time as we have never played any note on it ourselves but have allowed others to do the same.
No one can hurt you
The biggest thing i need to work on is having positive beliefs about myself. I think that consciously and subconsciously i have negative thoughts about myself which in turn feed the negative feeling and so forth into a vicious cycle. The moment am firm in my thoughts of myself, what ever opinions anyone could have will not affect me. I am a beautiful, strong, intelligent and successful woman. :)
Tarna ❤️
I noticed that whatever that stresses me out, stresses me out because I give it the attention it demands.
Blocking the hurt
I made a decision that affected some people who were unhappy with the outcome. One in particular accepted the decision with grace and realized why I chose what I did. Another responded angrily behind my back and said very hurtful things. I considered my choice and realized I made the right decision. Seeing their responses actually affirmed it. It is hard to block the hurt, but I must. It was important to consider their perspectives, but I know I did what was right. I usually take this kind of thing more personally, but I believe in my choice. I am open to the future.
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